Interesting Facts about the Transsexual and LGBT Community in France

France, as we all know, is a country of romantic people. People of the country give a lot of importance to love, intimacy, and sex. Even same-sex marriages are considered legal out there, and the official requirements for such unions are the same as that for opposite-sex couples. In many other countries, such LGBT marriages are not yet recognized.

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All about the transsexual and LGBT community in France:


Same-sex marriage now is legal in French overseas regions as well as mainland territories of France. Despite this, total acceptance of same-sex relationships in rural areas of France is still lower when compared to metropolitan areas.

It is generally opposed by conservative religious people, as it plays a role in their public life. Within these societies, people are family and tribe-oriented, and family honor is very highly regarded.

However, assisted reproduction is not available for lesbian couples, but it looks like the law will change in a few years. When that happens, single women and lesbian couples will get permission to get assisted reproduction.

France is traditionally quite liberal, which is why the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, have their rights. In the past, sexual activity among same-sex citizens was considered as a crime. In those days, many people were also executed or received the death penalty for that crime.

However, after the French revolution, many sodomy laws were fully repealed. Lesser-known law of indecent exposure, which often targeted people of the LGBT community, was introduced during 1960. It then took 20 years to get abolished.

During the tenure of President François Mitterrand, the age of mutual consent for sex of same-sex adults was altered several times. In 1982, the law granted them equality, like any other person. After permitting same-sex domestic partnership, France became the 13th country to legalese marriage between same-sex in 2013.


During the years 1985 and 2012, laws to prohibit discrimination on sexual orientation basis were enacted. In 2010, France was the world’s first country to declassify transgenderism as a mental illness.

Since 2017, all transgender people were also allowed to alter their legal gender, even without undergoing any surgery or obtaining any medical diagnosis.

Today, France is known as the most gay-friendly country in the world. After doing polls, the majority of people among the French support same-sex marriage. Also, a poll conducted in 2013 indicated that almost 77% of the French population supported homosexuality.

However, all these revised laws still fall short on several fronts. Transsexual activists are fighting a hard campaign for total equality. There is always a lack of access to getting legal gender recognition for transgender minors. The fact remains that the procedure will not be based on self-determination. It means that the trans people may need to visit court to get their gender legally recognized.

In this respect, many other European countries are ahead of France. These countries are:

  • Denmark
  • Malta
  • Ireland
  • Norway

All these countries have chosen to respect these trans people’s bodily integrity and have allowed them to opt for self-determination. The fact is that a country like France, who was at the forefront of such issues, did not take a more humane and progressive path.

Many think that it is a matter of shame for France. There is still a fight going on for getting full respect and equality for transgender people in France.

LGBT events organized in France


Various LGBT events are often organized in various European countries, including France. One such main event meant for the LGBT communities in France takes place in Paris. It is celebrated as a Gay Pride event called “Marche des Fiertés.”

Normally this event takes place in June. There also are few other such gay pride events happening in France. ‘Lou Queernaval’ another popular event that usually takes place in Nice.

Another event is known as “European Snow Pride,” which is a relatively little new event is for the LGBT community, and that usually takes place in the Tignes. There are many other lesser-known towns, maybe around 20 or so, where such gay pride events are organized in France.

If you are interested in knowing the details about those events and their dates, you can visit the websites of MyGayPrides. In Paris, particularly, you will find a calendar full of events that involve the LGBT community throughout the year. That also includes the LGBT festival of cultures in January.

Few other events also take place in March, April, and November. Some of the important among them are as follows:

  • The Festival international du film de femmes
  • Festival de films D’artistes Sur le queer
  • LGBT cinema with three major events
  • Chéries-Chéris
  • Marais Film Festival
  • Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival.

One can also visit the website called, which is in the French language and provides a comprehensive guide about various gay resources and different events in France.

You can find the necessary contacts, reviews, and a few regional directories about gay venues. The gay Events calendar is also available on the site.

Support Groups for gay and lesbian people in France


You can usually find many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual associations, support groups, and social clubs based in Paris. Quite a few among them are multilingual.

There is one organization known as “La Fédération des Associations & Centers LGBT,” which comes under the Federation of LGBT associations and centers. They have links to several other associations all around France. You can also get news about various issues relevant to the LGBT community for those living in France.

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