7 Interesting Facts About Online Gambling in Poland

Gambling is fun and exciting. This is why so many people choose gambling as a recreational activity. It helps people fight stress and boredom and they can forget about their everyday problems. Most people have had a chance at least once in their lives to try a slot machine or wager a few euros on blackjack or roulette but even those who haven’t must have seen the inside of a casino in movies.

There are so many exciting facts about gambling and many of them will surprise you. Whether you are a seasoned punter or new to online gambling, we would like to share some online gambling facts with you. In this article, we are discussing them with Polish iGaming expert, Jacek Michałski.

1. Casino Games Are Not Rigged


You may have seen movie scenes with loaded dice, marked cards or manipulated roulette wheels. Conspiracy theorists will jump to the conclusion that all casino games are rigged and casinos are out there to scam people. But the truth is, that licensed land-based casinos, as well as online casinos, are regulated by authorities and their games are regularly audited for fairness.

Imagine what a scandal a Las Vegas casino or a reputable online casino would have if their games were found to be rigged. Every game has a house edge and this is how casinos make their profits. The same goes for online casinos. Both the casinos and their games are checked by their regulatory bodies and sometimes also independent testing agencies such as eCogra.

To find a trusted online casino in Poland, it’s best to check casino reviews at a reliable source such as

2. Online Gambling Is Not Illegal


The Polish government wants to monopolize gambling and has one of the strictest online gambling regulations in the whole of the EU. Only the state-owned company – Totalizator Sportowy – can offer online casino games and most foreign casinos sites get blocked. For this reason, many Polish players think that online gambling is illegal.

The government’s 2016 gambling law introduced a blocking mechanism on foreign online gaming websites. But, in fact, making it illegal to gamble in a casino operated in Malta is similar to forbidding people to order products from, let say Italy. It makes no sense and in fact, some casinos have taken the decision to court. However, some casinos that are licensed in other countries, such as in Malta, the UK or Curacao may very well accept Polish players but you may have to use a VPN to go around the blocking of the site.

3. Most Casino Reviews Are Written by Freelancers


Casino reviews that you find on gambling review sites are most often written by freelancers. Most of these sites will have so many reviews that it would take months for one employee to write. So, these sites work with several freelancers who have a lot of experience in the field. Often, they are players themselves so they know what it is like to risk your own money and they can tell a good casino from a bad one. That being said, you will sometimes find reviews written in an unprofessional way or containing the wrong or outdated information. For more help with this you can check

4. Online Casino Bonuses Are Not Free Money


When you open an online casino’s site, the first thing you will see is their casino bonus. If you have never taken a casino bonus before you may get very excited. A casino bonus typically looks like this: a 200% match deposit up to €400. This means that if you deposit €200 the casino will give you another €400. This may seem like free money but the catch is in the wagering requirements. The casino can make you wager the bonus amount (or the bonus plus the deposit amount) 30 times before it can be cashed out. This would mean that you have to play for 30x€400 = €12,000 before you are eligible to cash your money out.

5. You Can Get Freebies in Online Casinos


You may have seen a movie where the high-roller player gets a free hotel suite, dinner or limousine ride as a courtesy of the casino hotel. Well, this can happen in online casinos too but the rewards are, of course, different. First of all, if you are a big spender, you can enjoy comp points, cashback bonuses and VIP promotions. The VIP team may even reach out to you and give you personalized bonuses or other promotions.

6. Crypto Payments Are Common in Online Casinos


Cryptocurrencies offer autonomy to the players and therefore they are often the preferred payment method for many. Crypto payments are safe, super-fast and come without fees. Also, many players who live in countries that don’t allow any forms of gambling use this means of payment. Their banks would block payments to casino sites but paying with crypto is a breeze. If you do a little research, you will find many Bitcoin casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies for payments.

7. Video Slots Are The Most Popular Casino Games


If we again go back to the movies, we may get a wrong idea of what games are the most popular. Movies will have scenes with happy people around the craps table, serious high-rollers playing poker or glamorous ladies and gents playing roulette. But if you visit an actual Las Vegas casino you will see that the vast majority of the people are in front of slot machines. Slots are popular because they are very easy to play and you don’t need any skills to do so.

Therefore, you can’t make any wrong decisions and blame yourself afterwards. Online casinos make most of their profits with slot games and the largest online casinos often have over 2000 slot games! Even though these games don’t give you the best odds or the lowest house edge, it is possible to win huge with them. The world record online slot machine win was €17,861,800 back in 2013. It was won by a Finnish man. Apart from this, there have been quite a few wins over €10million so if you haven’t played slots before, perhaps now is the time to start.



We hope that after reading this article you are more clear on some of the misconceptions and facts about gambling. Casino games transport people to another world that is out of the ordinary and the world of casinos is as exciting as life can get.

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