Reasons Why it is Important to Use a VPN when Gambling Online

Browsing the internet was never as satisfying and diverse as it is now, but at the same time, it has never been so dangerous in numerous ways, when it comes to our personal information, and many other factors. That being said, we all know that the incognito mode on Google Chrome isn’t really incognito. In other words, the things you are clicking on, the links that you copy and share, the images and documents you download, cookies from the websites you visit – this list could go on and on; all of this is a part of a gigantic puzzle that’s called the internet. The real question is ‐ how can you survive in such a hectic environment that is made to absorb as much info about you as possible?

On the other hand, one of the most powerful industries in the world, at the moment – is the online gambling industry. How did it become so popular to gamble online and what were the main factors to determine that phenomenon?

To be able to understand that, we should go back to the times when brick and mortar casinos were the only way to play poker, try your luck on slots, or indulge in many other games available. Those were also the times when going to a casino was pretty stigmatized and judged by society, especially if it’s something that is being done regularly, as gambling was directly linked to gambling addiction and other negative aspects of this activity.

Although that is partially true, the gambling culture and habits have dramatically changed over the course of 5, 10 or 20 years. What does that mean? It means that people nowadays have everything at the tip of their fingers and they can choose what fits them best, and that choice is only theirs. While some people love spending time on social media, others have successfully turned social media into a side hustle or even a main source of income.


At the same time, many people love to bet on their favorite sport, player, team, or game, every once in a while, or to play slots or any other game as a hobby. Just like everything else that is available online, online casinos and gambling websites can easily become a decent side hustle as well, or at least another stream of income for the players. Finally, there are professional gamblers who make a living this way, earning six or seven figures doing what they love the most.

What’s different now is the fact that access to either sportsbooks or casinos is easier than ever. We all have smartphones, internet access, and a bit of free time. People no longer need to intentionally go to a brick and mortar casino, waste their time commuting, and risk being exposed if that activity is something they like to keep to themselves. Famous world casinos such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas or the astonishing casinos in Monaco have become tourist attractions that are on many people’s bucket lists when it comes to having fun and visiting interesting spots in the world.


But even though indulging in online casino games is now easier than ever and you can do it anytime and anywhere while you’re waiting in line, waiting for a meeting to start, or simply chilling at your home; this activity also has its downsides. One of them is the risks we all take on a daily basis, deciding to do almost anything online that includes banking, social media, emailing, purchasing things – well, almost everything we do on the internet. Online gambling is one of those things.

Luckily, there are ways to make your online gambling experience safer and more enjoyable.

One of the best options you have is to use a VPN. What is VPN anyway? It stands for virtual private network, which means that your internet activities cannot be monitored the same way as when you’re not using a VPN. Simply put, this means that everything you do online is private or in other words – both your activities and your identity are hidden, therefore safe from hackers and people who might steal your personal information or use your data against you.

When you’re using a virtual private network, the device you’re using is being invisible or hidden from the network, which allows you to maintain good levels of privacy and is exactly what you need in cases when you have to link your credit or debit card to a website, leave your name date of birth or basically any other information on the internet, that can be exposed. This helps you save your personal info from being stolen or used in criminal activities, since hackers steal people’s identities and use them in certain illegal activities. On the other hand, you are also saving your bank accounts from cyber robberies, which is an amazing thing.


But being able to save your privacy such as your geographic location and your internet connection, and prevent cyber-attacks are not the only benefits of VPN usage. One of the benefits online gamblers appreciate is also the fact that when using a private network, you’re able to visit online gambling websites that are not available in your country, so if a website is forbidden or simply not available, it doesn’t mean you are restricted and you can’t access it.

Downloading an app or using a VPN website is all you need to do, to get instant access to all your favorite websites, especially if they’re offering fantastic bonuses, prizes, and a selection of games such as and you don’t wanna miss them. And it only takes a minute or two to connect to a VPN and then go to the website or online casino of your choice.

Another benefit is the fact that you can bypass the laws, if the websites you are visiting are not legal in your country. In the majority of countries in the world, online gambling and online sportsbooks are legal.

However, there is a list of countries where this is not the case. Being able to enjoy your favorite games with no consequences is something many people gladly take advantage of. And who wouldn’t?

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