Want To Travel Alone In Kashmir? 6 Tips For The Solo Travelers!

If you are pretty much determined to head to Kashmir, you must be well-acquainted with the question asked by everyone, “Is it safe to travel solo?” Such a question causes acute perturbation to the travel enthusiasts who love to explore the “Paradise on Earth” differently! This quaint region is susceptible to civil unrest and ferocity and has been revealed off-limits to tourists on a few specific occasions.

However, travelers generally come back when peace is recouped and can usually avoid perils by taking safety precautions and dwelling in tourist-friendly places. Now, you must have thought of the Kashmir region as being dangerous for those reasons!

Nobody will ever stop you from debunking the abounding beauty of Kashmir when you have made up your fickle mind. Solo travelers shouldn’t be afraid of safely visiting this beautiful place as this article will give you some terrific tips to travel alone in Kashmir and other vital information. Let’s dive in!

Is Kashmir safe for solo travelers?


Discovering mesmerizing valleys and snow-covered peaks with travel agencies will help create a safer environment as they provide the best hotels for their cozy accommodation. On the other hand, the citizens of Kashmir are pretty hospitable. So, you don’t need to fret over your safety as a solo traveler.

Travelling alone during those political upsurges in Kashmir is strictly advised to refrain from moving around at night and the large-crime areas throughout the inner parts of the city. But, setting aside those hassles, Kashmir is pretty safe for solo travelers. They only have to steer clear of isolated and non-acquainted spots. Booking your Kashmir trip will help you calm down.

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Tips for solo travelling to Kashmir safely

Once you arrive at “Heaven on Earth,” you can observe the Indian army in uniform on every edge of the road, protecting the place. Also, locals are there trying to meet their ends meet and running the daily errands.

After watching this life of every commoner, you will have the notion of how their life is identical to the life of other states. You will feel amazing that you walk down the roads without anyone’s snoopy attention. Still, there are a few essential tips for solo travelers, which ease your preparation for a remarkable Kashmir trip!

1. Research properly


Are you ready to dive into the worth reminiscing solo trip to Kashmir? But before that, you must be well-prepared for the place! It helps you stay less troubled once you arrive here. While planning your itinerary, you must prepare a list of the places you want to visit and the delicacies you want to try.

One of the vital suggestions would be heading to Dal Lake and have a chit-chat with your hotel person if the environment is friendly and safe and what areas need to be avoided.

2. Build a local contact

You must be thinking of how you could get one local contact when you have not been there till now. It’s not a problem to be worried about! Once visited, you must have the propensity to come again and explore the remaining locations of Kashmir. This is where the local contacts will come in handy! Build as many as you can to ease your next visit to Kashmir.

3. Dress appropriately

Ladies are often inclined to wear shorts and dresses in Srinagar. But, it’s recommended to wear salwar’s and long suits to respect their Kashmiri culture and tradition. Pack lightly for your solo travelling and wear those which make you feel comfortable. Dressing conservatively to Kashmir is essential, and if you make your way to the dargah, you will never feel out of place.

4. Avoid visiting isolated roads


Being a solo traveler, you are the one responsible for your safety! Kashmir has numerous locations to explore, and travelers are inclined to cover every location, which sometimes seems a bit perilous.

Staying vigilant in your Kashmir trip causes no harm to you. The Kashmiris are available in abundance, and the amenities for tourists are enormous. Is it your first time to be here? Don’t be anxious while travelling.

It’s suggested to visit the main attractions of Kashmir, including Sonamarg, Gurez, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Srinagar. It will be fantastic to get a feel of the fresh vibe first. Once you get to hang around with yourself, your realization will be going further and travel carefree.

5. Get a postpaid connection

While visiting Kashmir, you are only allowed to use Kashmiri prepaid sims or postpaid sims. If you arrive at your destination, please be sure to get your sims changed first to make a connection with your family and friends.

After you arrive in Srinagar, having a relevant postpaid connection will assist you in using Google maps and scouring the internet, which is indeed a great help!

6. No late nights


The lifestyle of Kashmir isn’t similar to the rest of Indian culture. Here, shops get closed by 9 or most probably at 10 PM sharp. The streets become secluded at night. Therefore, it would be better to avoid reaching your hotel late. Do you have some errands to run? Please make sure to get it completed in the daytime only. Strolling the roads late at night is strictly prohibited!

Should you visit Kashmir for solo travelling?


Here in Kashmir, “You can’t lay a finger on a tourist.” Well, if you are still wondering if it would be okay to travel solo to Kashmir, it is recommended to pack your bags, plan your itinerary, and move out to see the lush green valleys!

In spite of whatever news you have heard about the instability and challenging environment in Kashmir, it doesn’t mean to head there during the riots! Apart from those dilemmas, no other travel destinations will give the most refreshing vibe to solo tourists like Kashmir.

This place has an undying pull, which keeps dragging you towards it if you have been there before!

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