Why Hydration Is Essential for Every Businessman

You’re late for a conference call. The deadline for your sales proposal is staring at you in the face. You haven’t checked your email for a couple of hours. What is the last thing that you’re thinking about now…?

Whether or not you’re hydrated. It may not seem like a big deal but trust us. It is.

Not getting enough fluids can negatively impact your ability to handle the stress that is nagging at you. That says nothing of the effects on your A-game.

The Stuff of Water


About 60 percent of your body is water in varying amounts, depending on the organ or system. That’s saying a lot about its importance even if you don’t dig deeper.
Water does several things to keep you going and answering those emails or text. It also:

  • Forms the stuff of your blood
  • Helps digest your food
  • Controls your body temperature
  • Allows your brain to communicate with the rest of you

So, what happens if the optimal level dips below the full line?

Your Brain on a Low-Fluid Track


Let’s start with the main concern, Your brain.

Your body is constantly replenishing its hormones, fluids, and cells. Water is its primary ingredient. If it gets low, its ability to produce neurotransmitters plummets. Those are the chemicals your body uses to communicate with nerve cells and other types within you.

You may pass off the symptoms of being thirsty or having a dry mouth. You won’t miss feeling confused and sleepy.

It could be the underlying cause of why you’re late and why you messed up the figures on that report. Your brain was trying to keep everything together but lacked the resources to make it happen. It’s the proverbial evil begets evil.

Think about it. You’re stressing out like no tomorrow, putting enormous demands on your body and brain to perform. The problem is that you’re hobbling their ability to respond by not staying hydrated. Your next question is probably how do I turn this ship around and get back on track?

Filling Up the Tank


If you eat a healthy diet, at least you’re in the ballpark. The foods you consume contain water too, often more than do. That salad you ate for lunch at your desk contains over 95 percent water. That’s a good thing because it adds to your total water intake. You did eat lunch, right?

Some research suggests that what you get from your diet isn’t enough to meet your fluid needs. The good news is that your third cup of coffee probably is doing the job and not dehydrating you too much. However, the answer is clear. Drum roll, please! You must drink more water to stay hydrated.

The Why of Water

Every businessman knows that staying on your A-game is imperative for success. You must make sound decisions that require concentration and focus.

You can’t do that if you’re dazed and confused because of a lack of fluids. Okay, so your diet is just a player coming up from the minor leagues. What can you do to make sure you’re getting enough to drink?

Some mobile apps can help with that. You can track how much you’re drinking each day compared to an assessment of what you need to shoot for to stay hydrated. An old-school way you can do it is by drinking a glass of water at the top of the hour. Let’s pull off the gloves and tell you why you must take charge.

Getting enough good purified fluid is one of the ways which increases the lifespan, yours, that is, by giving your heart what it needs to do its job. Visit here for the best osmosis systems.

Other Benefits of Dihydrogen Monoxide (H2O)


If we haven’t sold you yet, let’s hit you with a few more tidbits about water and your quality of life. Do you hate feeling achy ever time you walk across the office to get another cup of coffee? Water is there to lubricate your joints and make it less painful. Do you feel cranky and find yourself being snarky? You’re probably fatigued, and water can help.

Has it been hours since you’ve gone to the bathroom? Yup, you guessed it. Water. Are you struggling to give up your five-can-a-day pop habit? Look no further than water. Is your tongue sticking to the top of your mouth? Take two glasses of water and call us in the morning.

Energizing beverages have their place when you need to reach the finish line on a project. But nothing beats staying hydrated to give your body what it needs to stave off fatigue and keep you civil when dealing with your colleagues or clients.

Do yourself a favor. Skip the pop or the extra cup of coffee. Reach for a glass of water instead when you feel thirsty. Your waistline will thank you for the zero-calorie power rush.

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