What Should I Wear for my Morning Walk?

The morning routine is something special for people. There’s something magic in that first chirping of birds, fragrant coffee from the hob, a sobering shower, and a rich breakfast. And happy are those who can enjoy it undisturbed, without rushing and while absorbing every atom of that atmosphere. All those who manage to treat themselves to a relaxing pleasure called a fine walk to know how much more simple the day goes when we start it that way, breathing fresh air and letting the rays of the sun caress us as we stroll, stroll, stroll…

There are those who enjoy going out like this without any other, additional purpose – just because they like the morning vibe and as it gives them enough strength and energy to cope with everything that the hours ahead bring. Also, we have those who do it for physical fitness, and even jog and brisk-walk and love every second of it. Whatever your motive, we’re sure you truly enjoy it. And even if you haven’t yet decided to include this in your daily schedule, it’s enough to think about all the benefits you get from it.

Whatever happens, you’ll need the right pieces of clothing to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. And here’s how we can help you – with a few ideas of what you can wear. Take some notes!

1. A tracksuit


Well, the easiest and most comfortable option. Of course, it’s mostly chosen by those whose favorite hobby in the morning is jogging, but even if you only plan a light walk, it’ll be equally pleasant. Of course, since layers are always desirable, it wouldn’t be bad to have a T-shirt or a vest under the upper part, since you never know – it may get warmer and the sun might start shining much brighter and stronger.

It’s best to choose pieces made of cotton and viscose, as they let the skin breathe and don’t tighten your body parts. These are natural materials and will be especially handy for those who see this activity as sports. It’s not so much the look that matters as it’s crucial to feel cozier in that combo than in jeans and other similar variants. This is often accompanied by a good pair of cotton socks and fine sneakers with a quality sole, made of soft material. What do you say, you’ve got all these? Then you’re ready!

2. Leggings + top


The principle is similar to the previous suggestion, except that the leggings are a little lighter than the lower part of the tracksuit and don’t really have an upper part. What you shouldn’t allow is a too-tight piece, since otherwise, their use loses its meaning as they’re here to make everything easier. Right? In addition, if they’re too small, the seams between the legs or in other places might snap if you run, which we certainly don’t want to happen.

However, there’s no point in them being too wide either. So, first of all, choose a size with which you’ll feel almost like you aren’t wearing anything – that means that you have done the right thing. Length is and always will be your choice.

As for the upper part, the choice is also absolutely up to you and includes everything that makes you feel unencumbered and good. It can be a sports crop top, a classic T-shirt, sleeveless vest, or a hoodie if it’s fresh outside. Cozy sneakers go best with this, too, while moccasins and sandals aren’t really recommended unless it’s summer.

3. A comfy romper


Well, well, well – there comes a little lady-like piece that might serve as a perfect outfit while wandering through the hood, as well. Of course, you can hardly perform stunts and run in it – it’s more for occasions when you want to look elegant. For example, when you go for a walk with your doggo in the morning, or for a smokin’ hot, oh-so-needed, takeaway cup of coffee.

The style of overalls depends solely on what you prefer and love. Speaking of snugger options, there are classic wider ones that resemble shorter dresses, made of pleasant materials, then sports cotton ones that are a bit reminiscent of a hybrid tracksuit and shorts, as well as those with long legs made of thin materials such as viscose. Want something more attractive? Try a strapless romper or off-shoulder, tie strap or halter neck variants – and in case you don’t know what they look like or what exactly would suit you, you are free to learn more at Love That Boho. They go with every type of footwear – sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, classic shoes, and sometimes even with boots.

4. A sport dress


This option represents a certain kind of balance between casual and girlish style. Or, better said, when you want to feel snug, but to be somewhat feminine, as well. These dresses are mostly either tight, with short sleeves or sleeveless, or are a little wider, with a hood and look like waisted (or not) oversized sweatshirts.

As with other combinations, there’s no mistake with trainers or sports sandals – the point is just not to burden the feet. The lengths of the dress can vary, but tights usually don’t go under them, while, for example, under the hoodie-like ones you can wear leggings, if the weather requires it and if it isn’t so warm.

5. Oversized sweaters/tunics + tights


In the end, there goes pretty autumn is one, perfect for walking through piles of dry leaves and rustling grass. This piece of clothing is often a bit wide, it frequently appears in a cross-striped pattern and is rather recognizable, since girls and women especially adore it. These are mostly warm or autumn colors such as burgundy, red, brown, orange, and purple. You can also wear them with jeans, but it’s more recommended for evening walks around the city – if you’re just relaxing and strolling through the quart, there’s no need for discomfort.

For a slightly more romantic look, choose an off-shoulder variant in soft colors with light tights and boots. Of course, in case you’re expecting a sunny and warm day, keep in mind that at some point you may become hot when the temperature starts to rise.

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