Muay Thai for Fitness is New Holiday 

When you think of going on a holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is to relax on the shore of a beautiful beach, and what better place than Thailand for this? It has a combination of everything from scenic beauty to adventure to modern amenities to food and so much more. All these make it the perfect place for a trip. In fact, it is also a great weekend getaway. You want to just relax by the beach, this is it. You want to drown yourself in nature, this is it. You can do anything you have ever wanted to do on a vacation, and that’s exactly why it is the most preferred tourist destination in the world.

If you have been contemplating on whether to pick Thailand for your next trip, think no more! Here are a few of the many reasons why this place should be the next on your checklist…

Innumerable beaches


The country has some of the best beaches in the world, crowded as well as secluded ones. This makes it possible for you to spend time the way you want. You could start off with visiting Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui, which have the most stunning beaches with clean water, perfect to go with family or friends. You can even spend a weekend at a beautiful island to become one with nature.

Khao Lak and Bangtao, the two main beaches in Phuket, are perfect for relaxing as they are quiet and little close to the main town. Then, there is Bophut in Koh Samui, which has a nice marine park close by. There is also Choeng Mon, a bit more secluded. In Krabi, you can find Klong Muang and Koh Lanta that have many activities for tourists. Try out water sports on many beaches, and have fun with your friends. You can just sit by the beach for hours together and relax with the sound of the water giving you the much-needed therapy. The beautiful greenery around a few beaches, make them so unique.

Rich cultural heritage


With the majority of the Thai population being Buddhist, you will find beautiful Buddhist temples, shrines, and pagodas, no matter which part of the country you are in. The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Temple of Emerald Buddha, and Wat Chedi Luang Varaihara in Chiang Mai are must-visits.



Known as the Land of Smiles, the country offers a huge variety of foods, and you will find something new in every location. With huge street markets, you can definitely satisfy your taste buds with so much to try.

Affordable comfortable transportation


One highlight is that it is quite cheap to travel around different places in the country with affordable flights between cities. The many transportation options and the helpful nature of people make it easier for tourists to get around. You can take the ferry or speed boats to explore various islands and soak yourself in the never-ending scenic beauty.

Suitable weather


If you want to get that tan, the summer in Thailand is your best bet. Just head out to the beach and that’s all you need. Without the worry of getting cold, visitors can surely get their desired dose of sunshine whenever they visit.



If you thought this place only has the serenity of beaches, you are mistaken. It has much more to offer. It boasts of the best party places for night owls with amazing night clubs, where you can dance your heart out, and enjoy the feeling of being truly alive.



One huge positive of this country is that it offers a range of comfortable hotels. You will find the kind of accommodation you want as per your budget. There are simple and also highly luxurious hotels and beach resorts, ensuring that you have the experience of a lifetime.



You can try various adventure activities here like scuba diving, white water rafting, ziplining, trekking, and also visit sanctuaries. An amazing dive in the long coastline is a must, where you are almost assured of spotting sea turtles.



If you love this even a teeny tiny bit, there is so much here to shop for that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself. From shopping malls to local markets, you can find a wide variety of trending clothes at affordable prices, and also several unique items.

Amidst exploring and relaxing, wouldn’t it be great to learn something new? Doing Muay Thai for holiday is definitely a must-try in Thailand. It is one of the most powerful forms of martial arts, a combination of kicks, punches and so much more. It helps to build a good physique and mental strength, as it not only helps you calm down but makes you very confident. You need to push yourself to be able to do the workout, which improves your will power.

The martial art at includes the use of elbows, knees, hands, and shins. Even though there are numerous techniques in this, it is also quite simple to learn, which makes it suitable for men, women, and children, at any fitness level. It is amazing for self-defense, which can be implemented in real-life encounters. With regular training, it helps improve strength and cardiovascular health. This is an aerobic and anaerobic full-body workout that helps easily burn calories and lose weight. It teaches you to be humble, disciplined, and makes you feel like a warrior, pushing you further hard to explore your true potential.

If you haven’t done a workout for a long time, or if you have been busy going on excursions and want to maintain your physical fitness, attending the Muay Thai training camp is a great option. It keeps you energetic and fresh on your trip. One more plus is to meet other travelers and make friends in a new place. Not only this, but it is also a chance to learn a form of art, unique to Thailand.

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