Unique Beaches of Thailand to Discover in 2024

When it comes to beaches, Thailand is full of them, thanks to those miles and miles of stunning coastline and more thousands of islands and islets. The beach lovers are sure going to remain spoiled for choice when it comes to picking the most unique and gorgeous of those beaches.

After all, each seems to be better than the other and boasts f some unique and special attractions. No matter which beach you go, you can count in for sun-kissed sugary white sands, clear blue waters, and cheap cold beer. Embrace the local nightlife scene once you are done with the beach fun during the day.

Here are some of the most unique and stunning beaches that you must visit when in Thailand. You can use Bookway to reach these beaches and look forward to a comfortable and relabel travel by ferries or buses.

Koh Kradan beach


The gorgeous beach is located along the Trang mainland coast, and its powdery white sandy beaches make a nice contrast with the lush green vegetation along the shore. The pristine beach is perfect for long strolls and lazes along with the lazy waves of the sparkling turquoise sea under the sun.

Morakot Cave beach

Another stunning beach of Thailand is only accessible from the sea. Get ready to swim through the opening of the greenery-covered rugged rocks of Trang’s Koh Muk that blends into eerier darkness. The waters are the deepest emerald green in the small and sublime lagoon.

Railay Beach


Railay Beach is indeed one of the unique and stunning beaches in Thailand. Lined by steep limestone cliffs and surrounded by dense rainforests, most beach lovers come here for a snorkel trip in those clear waters. Jump into one of those many hidden coves from the cliffs and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Koh Mai Phai beach

The Koh Mai Phai beach is considered one of the hidden gems in Thailand. The peace of this tiny island and its beaches is sure to captivate your mind and heart for hours. It is indeed a slice of paradise for the beach lovers who are sure to fall in love with those beautiful waters where one can enjoy a superb swim anytime.

Ao Manao beach


The Ao Manao is another beautiful beach that boasts of white sands and spectacular karst scenery. Enjoy the crescent-shaped beaches that are relatively peaceful and quiet, and what adds to the attraction of this gorgeous beach are the affordable accommodations and several seafood restaurants along the beach.

Chaweng beach

If you are looking for a lively beach for partying, head straight for the Chaweng beach. Located along the spectacular stretch in Koh Samui, the lovely beach is lined with high-end resorts and is one of the most idyllic spots to enjoy a spa holiday. You can party till dawn or enjoy a cocktail while soaking up the sun on the beach. Koh Samui promises over 20 exotic beaches that are worth exploring during your vacation, as suggests.

Koh Lipe beach


The Koh Lipe beach is located near the borders of Malaysia and is well famous for its picture-perfect beaches and pristine landscapes along with the transparent azure blue waters. It is fondly known as the ‘Maldives of Thailand’ and rightfully so! Explore and enjoy the beach to the fullest and come back with some lifetime memories.

Ao Kwang Peeb beach

Another beach that deserves mention is the Ao Kwang Peeb beach on Koh Phayam island. The truly outstanding beach may be small, but one cannot ignore it because of those excellent white beaches and perfect waters for swimming. Look out for hornbills in the dense greenery along the beach and enjoy some relaxed moments within the secluded and tranquil island.

Koh Kood beach


If you are seeking perfectly immaculate sands and endless stretch of unspoiled beaches, then head for Koh Kood beach. As far as your eyes can see, you will only see those white strips of sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters. Take a speedboat tour or enjoy slow kayaking around the island to unwind and relax.

Tha Pho Beach

Located in one of the most remote islands of Thailand, Tha Pho Beach indeed carries a sense of uniqueness and isolation around it. The ethereal oasis brings a dreamy vibe that makes you feel in a world away from the noisy cities of the country. Enjoy the tranquil turquoise waters and dive underwater to explore the thriving marine world.

Koh Yao Noi beach


The beaches of Koh Yao Noi are gradually getting popular among the locals and the tourists who cannot stop raving about the crystal-clear waters that are at a perfect temperature for swimming. One can explore the beaches and the island’s waterfalls on a rented motorbike. You can sleep peacefully on the beach and can spend hours of uninterrupted relaxation.

Khao Lak beaches

The beaches of Khao Lak are well known for their tranquility and are just a short distance away from Phuket. Enjoy the dreamy combination of perfect beaches framed by dense Phuket. You get the best of both worlds as you can enjoy both the beaches as well as the jungles. There are plenty of diving sites for diving enthusiasts.

White Sand Beach


If you are looking for a scenic beach with a vibrant nightlife, then the White sand beach indeed makes for a perfect choice. Located in Koh Chang, the beach is an ideal spot to relax during the day and enjoy the night when the beach becomes alive with fire dancers and thumping sounds. The beach indeed offers a unique experience to the beach bums!

Maya Bay beaches

Surrounded by jagged cliffs of the Phi Phi Ley island, Maya Bay beach is indeed a tropical slice of paradise. The strikingly cobalt waters and brilliantly white sands make a sharp contrast with each other and make you feel as if you are in some dreamland. Moreover, the waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Swim in the seas or dive in the intriguing underwaters to discover a whole new world.

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