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4 Beaches You Should Visit In Wilmington, NC in 2024

Wilmington in North Carolina is one of the most wonderful coastal cities; a laid-back atmosphere and an extremely charming downtown area can be easily regarded as the highlights of this seaside haven. There is much to experience in Wilmington inclusive of marvelous historical homes, splendid restaurants, and parks that entice you to relax after a tiring day out.

Wilmington is famous for being home to the EUE/Screen Gems movie studio where hundreds of movies and shows have been filmed over the past 30 years including the supernatural horror film, Conjuring, and the superhero movie, Iron Man 3. Apart from that, Wilmington offers people, who love to walk along the seashore, enjoying the sun and the sand at the beach, the opportunity to spend some quiet and relaxing time away from the pace and the hustle-bustle of metropolises.

In fact, if you fancy spending your leisure time on a beach, Wilmington will not disappoint you by any means. Just in case you wish to enhance the experience of Wilmington’s beachy beauty, you can shop for the best beach gear online using Internet services provided by Spectrum in Wilmington NC. Amazon products are quality and offered at the best prices too.

Here are a few beaches we would recommend you to visit when in Wilmington:

Carolina Beach

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It serves as the perfect summer getaway, with a large number of food stands and summer activities, making your trip with family an entertainment-packed and fun-filled one. Carolina beach boardwalk is one of the ten best as rated by the Food and Wine Magazine. Quite popular for live music performances and other festivals every year, summer on Carolina Beach affords you the opportunity to attend art and music festivals along with barbecue competitions and a myriad of exciting events held in the season. Other popular attractions include amusement parks and aquarium tours.

If however, you love quiet, you can bring your fishing gear and drop a line from the pier; the vintage vibe of the place will only add to the sense of calm and peace.

Kure Beach

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This is one of the must-try places for people traveling with children; the nearby aquarium and the outdoor playset serve as an effective means of engaging the little ones. It is also quite popular among people interested in history or studying historic sites; a visit to the Fort Fisher State Historic Site is a must for such enthusiasts; if they opt for a long walk along the shore, it will take them to the famous fort dating back to the Civil War-era.

The oldest fishing pier on the Atlantic coast is also found here, while varied events and festivals are hosted at the Kure Beach Ocean Front Park and Pavilion, adding further to the attractions of the beach.

Wrightsville Beach

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If you are looking for one of the best beach towns located near Wilmington, Wrightsville beach is bound to become your favorite. Popular amidst the locals, it is situated at a distance of about 25 to 30 minutes from downtown Wilmington, on a barrier island, separated from the mainland by the Intracoastal Waterway.

Multiple beach town shops and restaurants offer you places to shop and eat on your day out, and if you are in the mood for a long walk, you can take one at sunset to enhance the experience still further. Quite a few watersports are on the charts too; you can rent out surfboards, kayaks, paddleboards and other equipment. All in all, this is one of the most perfect beaches to relax with family and/or have fun alone.

Topsail Island

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This is not only one of the most unique beaches in Wilmington but a place that feels like home. Less than an hour away from Wilmington, the ride is worth the while. The island has a 24-mile long barrier off the coast of North Carolina that hosts the sea turtle hospital, a rehab facility for turtles. Delicious food too is available at Topsail Island Restaurants with a View; quite a perfect cherry on top.

If you are looking for a retreat, Wilmington offers a combination of vibrant riverfront and the most accessible coastal area, where you can take walks along the pedestrian-friendly river walk, that winds along the Cape Fear River, and connects to a variety of shops, cafés, parks, not to forget places buzzing with nightlife – opportunities for adventure and outdoor activities are in abundance in Wilmington, things that will keep your young ones well engaged and well entertained.

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