Why You Should Visit Albania At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Albania’s landscape has been blessed with an extensive set of things to see and do.

For those who have limited time to visit Albania, then a must-do guide should be in the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Gjirokastra, Butrint, and Berat.

These sites have been declared by the United Nations as having an extraordinary cultural significance for humankind, and we are proud to invite you to explore them. We promise that you will return home looking at history from a new vantage point.

From atop the impregnable Rozafa fortress overlooking the city of Shkoder, to the Greek and Roman ruins of Butrint outside Saranda in the south, Albania’s geography reflects its legacy as a crossroads of civilizations, and it guarantees something of interest for every traveler.

If you are seeking postcard-perfect weather, then look no further than along the Albanian Riviera, where we recommend you spend a couple of days on a sun-kissed beach. The  Albanian Riviera situated between Saranda and Vlora is Europe’s newest favorite destination.

Have a drink from our viticulture products, especially our specialty Raki, as you enjoy the spectacular sunset over the Ionian Sea. Also remember that seafood has been a cornerstone of our cuisine in this region for thousands of years, offering your taste buds an unparalleled experience.

Freshly baked white bread, or cornbread for travelers with gluten-sensitivity, is served with nearly every meal in our country. Albania’s Mediterranean climate also makes it ideal for growing fruits and vegetables common to the region, including olives, grapes, peppers, figs, and leafy greens. Succulent, fire-roasted lamb, chicken, and rabbit are the staple meats of our cuisine, and we enjoy them with hearty helpings of rice and yogurt sauces.

Most international flights arrive in our capital city of Tirana, so take a couple of days to explore this dynamic heart of Albania and its lively atmosphere, both day and night. During the day, you will see that the city has received an attractive facelift since the end of communism, as more and more of the traditional grey concrete buildings are painted over with a kaleidoscope of blues, purples, greens, yellows, and reds, earning the city the nickname, ‘The City of Colors.’

Also during your stay in the capital, perhaps you’d like to learn more about the country’s history and culture by taking a tour of one of the city’s many museums and art exhibitions. Afterward, we recommend embracing the local coffee culture by ordering a strong cup of the perfect espresso at a street corner café, finding a comfortable seat, and then watching the people pass by. Whether you’re visiting Albania for leisure or you’re planning a business meeting, Tirana offers a wide range of possibilities.

For the outdoor enthusiast, this country offers countless opportunities to embrace nature. The country’s rugged hills and mountains present unique hiking adventures, where your most significant rewards are the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. In the northern part of the country around the freshwater Lake Shkodra, over 280 species of birds enjoy protection in a national sanctuary that attracts bird-watchers from around the world. Similar wildlife attractions can be found around the Kune, Divjaka, Narta, and Karavasta Lagoons and within the Butrint National Park. Tours across Albania

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