The Most Popular Beaches in Saudi Arabia

Beaches in Saudi Arabia are the major attractions for the tourists. Everyone loves to chill out in the water and sit for hours on the beachside. The country is blessed with various amazing blue-water, and crystal-clear beaches that are highly tempting for people visiting Saudi Arabia for traveling and exploring. It is necessary to get every information about famous places to visit in any country. It will help you to know things you should do and go on a tour.

In this write-up, we will discuss some most popular beaches in Saudi Arabia, where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family. The country is completely reserved, and there are specific rules for the outfits that you can wear there. It is necessary to keep this thing in mind to avoid violating any law. Let us check all the details about the popular water destinations and specific rules of beachwear.

What Men and Women Should Wear on Beaches?


There are specific laws of Saudi Arabia, and it is necessary to follow them because you will be punished for not following them even if you are a tourist. The government never spare anyone who violates their law. Beach is a public place, and therefore, it is necessary to cover your body. For women, it is essential to wear a burkini (Complete body-covering swimsuit) or abaya (a garment which covers the complete body). There’s no need to risk wearing things such as string bikinis and although they look marvelous as you can see here, you might save them for your summer in Europe.

For men, they have to wear shirts along with shorts of at least knee-length. Any nudity is not allowed on beaches. There are strict regulations, and one must follow it to avoid any strict action against you. When you are making any plan to go on a beach, then you have to check the requirements and then leave your hotel with essentials.

Top Beaches in Saudi Arabia

1. Haql Shipwreck


This beach is situated in the province of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia. It is located in the 55 Kms of the Southside of the Haql city. The attractive thing about this place is a half-sunken ship, which is known to sink around 20 years.

Many people come here to check out that ship and take pictures for their social media accounts. There are no hotels and restaurants near this place. Therefore, when you are planning for the visit here, you must take food and drinks along with you. There are Sinai mountains around the beach that look quite impressive at the time of dusk.

2. Farasan Al Kabir


If you want to enjoy the peaceful blue and turquoise water, then you must come to this beach with your partner. You can sit for hours with your partner and enjoy the pleasant weather. There are a fantastic flora and fauna in the underwater and people come here to check out the underwater beauty.

It is also known as the aquatic paradise and is a perfect place to sit and rejuvenate your soul in the peaceful atmosphere. If you are visiting here for the very first time, then you must dive into the crystal-clear water and explore the beauty of the shore.

3. Umluj


This beach is also known as the Maldives of Saudi Arabia. If you are searching for paradise on Earth, then you must visit this place once in your lifetime. It is one of the beautiful parts of the 104 small islands. The sand is white and clean, which attracts tourists. If you love to explore and stay in nature, then this is the place you need to discover.

There are many cold-water springs, chirping migrating birds, marine creatures under blue and turquoise water. It is a reserved area, and no shops and ferries are allowed here for sailing because it can destroy the scenic beauty of the place.

4. Halfmoon Bay


If we talk about the name of the beach, then it is taken from the lunar moon shape. This place is quite old, around 80 years but it is very popular among the tourists. The water is apparent like crystal and is a shallow blue color. You can paddle the Gulf around the coast.

If you are going with your friends and family, then there are many exciting things to do, like water rides. You can get an amusement park on the beach, and you can enjoy Arabian rides there. If you want to sail on the waves of the sea and do fishing, then it is the perfect place for you.

5. Uqair


If you need to explore one of the essential ports of Saudi Arabia, then you must visit here. It is a beautiful place with small islands and a coastline. The water is blue and looks attractive to tourists and local people. If you are leaving your hotel to come to this place, then you must pack some food, drinks, and swimwear, etc., to enjoy the beauty and experience of cold water dips. If you need help with finding proper swimwear for this beach, check

6. Duurat Al Arus


It is a private beach in Jeddah with more than 1000 villas, a golf course, amusement parks, a diving school, and much more. As a tourist, you can stay in these villas and enjoy the luxurious life in Saudi Arabia near the beach. Many people come here on special occasions like Eid. They come with their family and celebrate their festival.

7. Silver Sands

If you want to enjoy the beaches by taking water rides, then you must prefer the Silver Sands beach. Many fun activities are there, in which you can participate with your friends and family. You can do swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, and much more. There is no need to wear abayas here. It is necessary to make a reservation to visit this place and enjoy water rides.

The Bottom Line

Saudi Arabia is also famous for its beautiful beaches, and many visitors come here to explore the destinations. It is necessary to have a tourist visa to come here and enjoy the vacation. In many countries, it is permitted to go to Saudi Arabia as a tourist, employee, business owner, etc. You must apply for the visa from and enjoy all the mentioned beautiful beaches of Saudi Arabia.

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