The Most Popular Types of Coffee in Different Countries

Imagine that you have the opportunity to travel around the world. You will meet different cultures, habits, languages, etc. These differences prove how rich the planet Earth is. We were not that lucky to have the chance to travel around the globe. Yet, it is not a secret that there is one common thing that a huge number of people do. We all like to drink coffee.

This is some sort of global habit. When an average person gets up from his bed, one of the things that he does first is grabbing a cup of coffee. Some of us some sort of fanatics of this product so we consume it a couple of times during the day.

Still, even here we can see the difference between the cultures around the world. If you thought that everyone is drinking the same type of coffee as you, then you are wrong. More about that also you can find at

So, let’s see which types of coffee people consume in certain countries.

Turkish Coffee (Turkey)


Well, this is probably a logical explanation of why people call this sort of coffee “Turkish”. It is the most popular one in this part of the world. The Ottoman Empire has its presence for around 500 years in the Balkans region. Their influence on this region is visible through coffee as well. The citizens of ex-Yugoslavian countries are consuming this type of coffee in most cases.

Anyway, believe it or not, UNESCO confirmed that Turkish coffee is an intangible cultural heritage of Turkey. This sort of drink is made strong and house owners usually serve it on traditional small cups.

If you sometimes go to the coffee shop there, be ready to say how much sugar you want to add. You will probably need to try out a few cups before you find out that. Of course, if you do not like to consume sweet drinks, then drinking a Turkish coffee without sugar is also an option. If you want to know how to make Turkish coffee, check out this website.

Espresso (Italy)


Well, this type of coffee is not just popular in Italy. You can find it in coffee shops across entire Europe. Still, in Italy, this drink is some sort of national symbol and way of life.

It is specific because you can make it quite quickly. Italians, especially those that live in the North part of the country, are working a lot. They do not have time to spend on preparing any type of coffee before they go to work.

Instead, they use a machine that will make them espresso. Besides in the morning hours, you will see Italians consuming this drink during the breaks at work or after they finish their work.

Espresso is served in small cups and it is always topped with a thin layer of cream.

Iced Coffee & Light Roast Coffee (USA)


Americans are maybe not as famous as huge coffee lovers. Yet, in this country, you can find the biggest number of different coffee types. The most popular coffee is iced coffee. It is not possible to write a list of coffees without mentioning Starbucks. The United States of America is one of the rear countries that serve iced coffee. How much they love them confirms that they consume it even during tough winters.

Besides iced coffee, light roast coffee is equally popular in this region. It is hard to decide which type of light roast coffee is the best one, so we suggest you check this content and find out more.

Al-Qahwa (Saudi Arabia)


Well, it probably would not be fair to only mention Saudi Arabia here. Al-Qahwa is famous in all Arabic countries as well. This type of coffee contains Cardamom, one of the most expensive spices that is founded in South Asia. If you visit Arabic countries, then you will see that this type of coffee usually comes with nuts, dried fruits, and dates. Many people that tried this coffee said it is a good replacement for “boring” black coffee.

Irish Coffee (Ireland)

It is obvious how Irish coffee got its’ name. It is one of the most popular beverages in this country. Still, there is also a big chance that you tried it in other parts of the world. Many coffee shops are offering this sort of coffee to its customers. However, in Ireland, it is also some sort of traditional and lifestyle.

This coffee is definitely different from others because it contains different ingredients. It comes with sugar, a layer of whipped cream and Irish whiskey. People usually connect coffee with morning hours. Yet, Irish people rather consume it as a desert.

Café de Olla (Mexico)


This coffee has a very distinct taste and it is the most popular one in Mexico. It is made with cinnamon and piloncillo, which is a native Mexican sugar. Yet, the popularity of this coffee is not only limited to Mexico. Most citizens of Latin America actively consume this type of coffee.

Still, there is a good reason why this coffee has a very distinct taste. People in Mexico make it in earthen clay pots. So, if margarita is the only thing that you would want to try out in Mexico, then you now know about some other options.

Buna (Ethiopia)


Did you know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of the most popular drink in the world? Well, it is not a secret that coffee is the symbol of this African country. They are well-known for traditional coffee ceremonies. Believe it or not, during these ceremonies, making and serving coffee can last for a couple of hours. In most cases, Buna is served together with butter or salt.

We encourage coffee lovers to visit the ceremonies in this country. You will be able to try out the traditional coffee and find out more about this popular product.

Egg Coffee (Vietnam)


Who would say that there is a product made of coffee and eggs? It maybe sounds strange, but it definitely tastes great if you ask people from Vietnam. This product contains sugar, condensed milk, egg yolks, and Robusta coffee. Just like Irish coffee, this is not something you will consume in the morning hours. People in Vietnam use it as a replacement for the meal, mostly in the afternoon.

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