Advantages Of Sharing A Flat In Milan for Erasmus Students

As a student in the great Erasmus University, living all by yourself might be considered cool. You get to do what you want to do when you want to do it, and how you want to do it. You don’t have to bother about another person’s opinion or be bothered by another person’s (roommate’s) lifestyle and ideologies. You have your space all to yourself and sure you have your privacy without anybody intruding.

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People who have experienced some challenges while living with other people usually consider staying alone when they go to university. You get to meet some people from varying backgrounds, interests, lifestyles, etc. which might be challenging especially at the early stage and if the parties are very unlike each other. All these factors notwithstanding, there are several perks to sharing a flat with someone:

1. Significant Cost Reduction:


As a student, every dime matters. There are so many things to spend money on and every opportunity to save costs is great. Sharing a flat with another student in Erasmus would save you the cost of paying the full rent monthly. You can also save the cost of getting supplies for the house if you guys can come to a workable agreement.

2. The Opportunity to Make More friends:

In the case of an international student or a student going to college in an entirely new and distant environment, you don’t have to be lonely. A roommate might just make your new environment a lot easier to adjust to. With a flatmate, you have someone you can explore the new environment with and your chances of making new friends automatically increases because your friends can easily become your roommate’s friends and his/her friends can easily become yours too.

3. Assistance With Your Course Work:


Your roommate might just be the ready help you need in getting some course work done. Even if both roommates are not studying the same course, you might be surprised at what the other guy knows. Your roommate might also help proofread your work if you are working on an essay. You guys can also share ideas and who knows, your roommate’s idea might be better than yours or helps refine yours.

4. A Television Partner:

You might have enjoyed watching television with your family members. You don’t have to sit alone while watching movies, television programs or your favorite team playing. Trust me, it is more fun when you are seeing it with someone you can analyze what you are watching with. Your roommate can be your television buddy and you can discover other interesting things together.

5. Work Out Partner:


It takes a lot of discipline to have a regular workout routine but your roommate might just give you the extra push to work out more consistently.

6. A Sharing Mate:

Life can be challenging sometimes. “Stuff happens” and you don’t have to go through them alone. Your roommate can just help you in your low moments. You can share your challenges and they will also help watch out for you.

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