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Beth Chapman Bio, Wiki and Net Worth

Born as Alice Elizabeth Smith, Beth Chapman is known as a reality TV star and a bounty hunter, best known for her appearances in reality TV shows called “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”, and “Dog’s Most Wanted”.

She co-starred in reality TV shows with her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman. Beth’s reality TV career lasted for 15 years, during which she actively co-stared side by side with her husband.


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Alice Elizabeth Chapman is known to the public by the reality TV shows she co-starred with her husband, Duane Dog Chapman. Popularly known as Beth Chapman, Elizabeth was born in Denver, Colorado, on October 29th, 1967.

She had four siblings and worked some time as a singer at a local night club, clerk and as a waitress before she got famous as a bounty hunter reality TV star. Before her TV career, Chapman had an interest in ice skating and gymnastics.

Beth Chapman lived in Denver, Colorado most of her life before she moved to Honolulu. She moved with her husband, Duane Chapman before they got married in 2006.

Chapman started her TV career with Duane on the reality TV show called “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. The TV show was initially released in the last quarter of 2004 and lasted till 2012, totaling 8 seasons during the airing time.

The pair also starred in two more reality shows, “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”, and “Dog’s Most Wanted”. The last, “Dog’s Most Wanted”, was also the last TV show where Beth appeared as a star, filmed in 2019. Beth didn’t get to see the series air as she passed away during the production of her final show. She died on June 26th, 2019, at the age of 51.


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Beth spent most of her life in Denver, Colorado, before she moved to Honolulu with her future husband, Duane Dog Chapman. Before moving to Honolulu and becoming a reality TV star, Beth worked as a waitress, clerk and was also a night club singer.

She was briefly married to Keith Alan Barmore from 1991 to 1993, divorcing her husband after two years of marriage. She married Chapman in 2006, after moving with him to Honolulu.

The show revolved around Beth and Duane as bounty hunter stars, scoring 8 seasons for their first show and filming two more reality TV shows till 2019 before Beth’s untimely death. Beth started out as a reality TV star in 2004, with the first show ending in 2012.

She was active in the business from 2004 to 2019. Beth had a difficult time battling stage-four lung cancer during the filming of the last show. Parts of the show are also dedicated to Beth’s battle with her illness. Beth was experiencing difficulties breathing, which is why doctors decided to put her in an induced coma.

The coma induction came after a long battle against cancer, and after being in coma for several days, Beth passed away. The last series that Beth filmed was aired after her death, on September 4th, 2019. Beth Chapman had four children, two of which she had with Duane, Bonnie and Gary Chapman.

Net worth

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Alongside a house in Hawaii with an estimated value of 795,000$, Beth’s net worth is said to be around 2 million dollars. Combined with her husband’s net worth, the pair was worth 8 million dollars in net worth. Together, the Chapman pair earned around 400 million dollars during eight seasons of their first show.

Beth used to live a lavish life thanks to her reality TV fame, while it is said that she used to spend most of her money on traveling and designer clothes. Beth spent around 12,000$ a month while she was fighting cancer.


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Beth owned a home in Hawaii bought under her name, while her husband Duane owns their place in Denver. Duane decided to sell Beth’s home after she passed away. As a reason for selling the house, Chapman claims that the memories of Beth are too hard to bear when she is gone.

Although Duane will be leaving Beth’s house, he won’t be moving away from Honolulu, claiming that he is not able to leave all of his and Beth’s friends. Beth’s house in Hawaii has an estimated value of 795,000$.


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Beth Chapman, born Elizabeth Smith, was married to Keith Alan Barmore from 1991 to 1993. Beth and Keith had two children, called Dominic and Cecily. Beth gave birth to two more children after she got married to Duane Dog Chapman in 2006, Bonnie Jo and Gary Chapman. Beth was married to Duane for 13 years until the day she died, in June 2019.


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Beth battled her cancer for 2 years after she had been diagnosed in 2017. At the time, Duane and Beth made a two-hour reality special on her cancer diagnosis, called “Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives”. Beth was diagnosed with stage-two throat cancer in 2017, after which she underwent surgery to have the cancer removed.

Even though the operation was deemed a success, the cancer got back a year later in 2018. Beth lost her battle in 2019 after almost two years of battling her illness. The pair made a total of three TV series, all in the genre of reality TV and all related to bounty hunting. The pair had a successful first run with eight seasons over the course of eight years, during which they made 400 million dollars as a pair.

Beth left four children after she passed away, Cecily and Dominic from her first marriage, and Bonnie Jo and Gary from her married with Duane Dog Chapman. Beth had 14 grandchildren. Beth Chapman cherished her American-Italian ethnicity, although she spent her whole life in America.

Her father, Gary Smith, was a former professional basketball player who played for Kansas City Athletics. Beth’s final show aired several months after her death. Beth never got to see the show herself as she lost her battle against cancer during the production of the show.

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