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Deborah Mays Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Marriage

Deborah Mays is mostly known for being an actress, but that is a bit far-fetched, since her only really known role was Tammy in the comedy-drama show called The Greatest American Hero, and that happened in 1983, since then she hasn’t had any appearances on TV or in movies. Another thing that made her famous and what really put her In the spotlight was her marriage to the ex-NFL player Joe Namath and the difference in their when they got married, which was 20 years.


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Her full name from birth was Deborah Lynn Mays, she was born on September 1st , 1964 in the United States, not that much is known about her personal life before her marriage to Joe Namath. This means that Deborah suddenly became someone who was being followed by the press constantly, and she was not used to it and didn’t like it at all. Deborah and Joe had two beautiful daughters and their marriage lasted for 14 years.

Joe Namath had just finished his NFL career when they got married, which means he was full of money and ready to spend it, and that reflected on his marriage and life in general. He started having problems with drinking and it became a big problem for Deborah and the whole family, in the end it led to them getting a divorce after 14 years of marriage.

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There were a few scandals associated with them, one of which was Deborah cheating on Joe with her plastic surgeon, admittedly it was because of Joe’s drinking and general problem with alcohol, but infidelity is never forgivable, all this led to them getting a divorce. It left a huge toll on her, and both her daughters.

At present it isn’t known whether Deborah is married again, but she had changed her name twice since then, first she was May and then after that she changed it to Tatiana, because a cousin of hers that was called May got killed and she wanted to honor her.


As already mentioned, her acting career mostly amounted to her role in The Greatest American Hero, she was in the show for only 5 episodes but it was enough for America and Joe to notice her, just shows how big of an impact she had. After that she appeared in a documentary about Joe Namath in 2012, of course she appeared as herself in that.

The Net Worth of Deborah Mays

So, when it comes to the net worth of Deborah Mays you would expect it to be a modest sum, since her acting career didn’t really go anywhere, but it is thought that her net worth is around $10 million. Some of that money might have been made from her acting career, but most was probably made in the divorce settlement with Joe Namath.

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