13 Interesting Facts about Elizabeth Banks
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13 Interesting Facts about Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is best known for her acting and performance in The Hunger Games. She is a famous and most loved actress due to her role in this series.

You can see her stunning and hot pictures on Woophy.com. You will see how beautiful and amazing this actress is. But, you may not know a lot about her. So, we are going to discuss thirteen amazing facts about Elizabeth Banks in this article.


This actress is fluent in English and Spanish. It is an impressive trait of hers as these languages are a bit difficult to learn. Some of her work, such as Love and Mercy, and Man on a Ledge, showcases her language skills.

Mixed Legacy

She has roots in Scottish, Irish, and English. She has a Colonial American lineage with deep roots in Massachusetts.

Directorial Work

Directorial Work - Pitch Perfect 2
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Elizabeth Banks started her director career with the film “Pitch Perfect 2”. It was a successful comedy film in which she also reprised her role as Gail Abernathy.

She did this by co-founding the film production company, Brownstone Productions. She did this with her husband, Max Handelman. She also has done television production. So, she has brought stories to the small screen.

Philanthropist Spirit

She has a strong philanthropic spirit. She has developed various charitable foundations. These are supporting different causes related to health, education, and the arts.

She is working with different charity foundations too such as Baby2Baby and StandUp to Cancer. These are helping poor families and raising funds for cancer research.

Voice-over Projects

She is not only a producer and actress but a voice-over artist too. She has lent her voice to different animated projects such as “The LEGO Movie”.

Won Several Awards

Won Several Awards
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She has won various nominations and awards throughout her career. She is one of the three women who won the Razee Award for being the worst director.

For her role in the Hunger Games, she won the Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. In fact, she has won three Golden Globe nominations throughout her career. She also has won the MTV Awards and Screen Actor Guild Awards.

Political Activism

She is politically active and vocal about her political views. She keeps asking her fans to use their vote in the right manner. In 2012, she made a video in which she threw her support behind President Barack Obama. The video discussed the importance of federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

She also met President George Bush when one of her projects was screened at the White House. Moreover, she played the role of Laura Bush in Oliver Stone’s W. (2008).

Mother of Two Kids

Mother of Two Kids
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She is the mother of two sons. The first son was born in March 2011 via surrogate. She was 37 at that time. His name is Felix Handleman.

The second son was born in November 2012 via surrogate. She was 38 at that time. His name is Magnus Mitchelle Handleman. Her husband, Max Handleman, is the father of both kids.

Conversion to Judaism

When she was going to marry, she underwent a lot of processes of conversion to Judaism. In 2013, she said in an interview that she felt she had been a Jew for like 15 years.

Take Versatile Roles

She has taken diverse and versatile roles throughout her career. She has been a part of comedy films and sitcoms, and also part of serious and in-depth projects. She also has embraced different roles in comic book adaptations. Through her acting skills, she has given life to our favorite comic characters.

She also has hosted the reality competition show “America’s Got Talent”. Her role in this show was loved by the audience.

Has Sweet Tooth

She has a sweet tooth and loves eating cupcakes. She was a former Brownie and Girl Scout who loved to sell cookies.

Inspirational Speaker

She is also an inspirational speaker. She has done a lot of speeches where she motivates people to follow their passions.

Banks is her not Real Name

Banks is not her real surname because it is not part of her family tree. She made up this name because another actor of a similar name was in the Screen Actors Guild. She chose Banks because it was according to her personality.


Elizabeth Banks in The 40-Year-Old Virgin
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So, these are thirteen amazing facts about this actress. These facts tell us that Elizabeth Banks has an amazing personality. Her social, personal, and professional life is full of inspiration which makes this actress unique.

The exploration of facts about Elizabeth Banks unveils a multifaceted talent whose career is marked by versatility, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of her passions.

From her early days in the entertainment industry to her breakout roles in films like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “The Hunger Games” series, Banks has proven herself as a formidable actress capable of navigating a broad range of genres with finesse.

Speaking of The 40-Year-Old Virgin, there was one actor who starred alongside Elizabeth. Want to know who? Luckily, we wrote an article about him. Take a look at our article covering Jordan Masterson and his net worth.

The overview sheds light on lesser-known aspects of Elizabeth Banks’s life, including her educational background, her foray into directing, and her commitment to championing female voices in the film industry.

These details contribute to a comprehensive understanding of Banks as not only an actress but also a filmmaker, producer, and advocate for inclusivity and diversity in Hollywood. Moreover, the inclusion of intriguing facts, such as her involvement in philanthropy and her entrepreneurial ventures, adds depth to Banks’s public persona.

It becomes apparent that she is not only a skilled and dynamic artist but also a woman with a keen business acumen and a commitment to making a positive impact beyond the entertainment realm.

As readers navigate through the facts about Elizabeth Banks, they gain insight into a person whose journey is characterized by resilience, passion, and a dedication to breaking barriers.

In essence, the exploration of Elizabeth Banks’s facts serves as a celebration of an artist and advocate who continues to leave a lasting imprint on the entertainment industry, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with creativity, determination, and a sense of purpose.

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