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AirPods Wireless Headphones – Questions and Answers 2024

AirPods strengths include absence wires, fast iOS device pairing, and easy rechargeability in a case. It is ideal for mono mode, smart pause, automatic headphone activation when in contact with the ear, design, and compactness.

What does it come with?

The set includes AirPods headphones with a charging case, a Lightning cable, and a quick headset guide.

Are they comfortable?

I like the design of AirPods, it’s a beautiful thing, but I can’t use them: the headphones do not hang in my ears and fall out. Therefore, I met the news about the appearance of the usual AirPods Pro “plug” format with great joy: indeed, there are no questions about landing in my ears now. Comfortable, fit well, and do not fall out, even if you actively shake your head.

What processor is installed in AirPods?

The first generation of Apple headphones are powered by a W1 processor; the second generation uses the H1 chip as the hardware base. Both processors are highly energy-efficient and provide high-quality sound. H1 is a more stable and faster chip compared to W1.

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Who else can connect to my AirPods with my iPhone?

After you create a pair of AirPods – iPhone, and therefore, attract headphones to your iCloud account, connecting to any other iOS device that uses a different iCloud account will be the same as on devices running on third-party platforms.

Do AirPods come bundled with the iPhone?

Unfortunately, wireless AirPods are not available with the iPhone. The headphones are pretty good too. You can connect them through the Lighting port. It is also included.

Is AirPods syncing with Apple Watch and Mac?

Yes. If the watchOS 3 (and older) and macOS Sierra (and older) operating systems are installed on your watch or computer, respectively, AirPods, when synchronizing with the iPhone, also connect to the Apple Watch and Mac.

Which iPhone do I need to connect AirPods?

iPhone running iOS 10 or later.

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Can I connect AirPods to my Android smartphone?

Can. Headphones are easily connected to devices based on the Android OS. To synchronize, use the button on the charging case.

How long does AirPods charge?

15 minutes in the headphone case is enough for 3 hours of battery life.

How long can headphones last on a single charge?

AirPods lasts for 5 hours of battery life. If you use a case, this figure rises to 24 hours.

What is in the kit?

Includes AirPods earphones with charging case, Lightning cable, and a quick headset guide.

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Are AirPods waterproof?

Officially, Apple does not claim to protect the headphones from the owner, however, numerous reviews suggest that AirPods are not afraid of light rain or sweat during training. Apple does not indicate the water-resistance of AirPods. It is undesirable to wet the AirPods and the charging case abundantly, despite the presence of user feedback on the positive test results of the devices for water resistance.

What is the quality of the AirPods’ Bluetooth connection?

Thanks to the W1 chip, the AirPods headphones have a long reception range. Although Apple does not specify which class of Bluetooth devices they belong to, they are likely to be the first-class of 100 meters.

What is the sound quality of the AirPods headphones?

Despite the improved sound in AirPods, the sound quality in wireless headphones is almost the same as in wired headphones. As the manufacturer says, directional microphones and a built-in voice accelerometer help filter out external noise and focus on the sound of your voice. However, the quality of phone calls is not always excellent.

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How do I turn up the volume of my AirPods?

AirPods doesn’t have any physical control buttons, so you need Siri to turn the volume up or down as well as switch tracks. Double-tap the earpiece to activate Siri and ask it to increase the sound level. When you call the voice assistant, playback will be interrupted. You can also switch tracks and adjust the sound using the appropriate buttons on your iPhone without stopping the music.

How do I play or stop music in AirPods?

There are several ways to play or stop music in AirPods headphones. Motion accelerometers and optical sensors work in conjunction with the W1 processor, so playback stops when you remove the headphones. Once you put them on, the AirPods turn on the sound. If you listen to music on your iPhone and put your headphones on, the music starts playing through the AirPods.

Can I use one AirPod headphone?

Yes, you can only use one earpiece. The headphones will automatically go into mono mode. In the same AirPods, the left and right audio channels mimic the stereo sound. Thanks to the mono mode, you can use one headphone to save energy. As soon as one headphone runs out of power, you take the other.

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How do I answer an incoming call with AirPods?

To answer a call, double-tap one of the headphones, just like you tap Siri.

Can I reject or answer calls with voice commands?

Unfortunately, you cannot accept or reject an incoming call with a voice command.

How to protect them?

Try not to put them in your pocket with keys or other metal things. The best solution may be to buy a protective case, they are made of different materials: silicone, leather, and even wooden. This will not only protect your headphones but also give a unique style, visit the online accessories store, and choose the best for you.

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Does Siri work without an internet connection?

Siri does not work without an internet connection.

Do AirPods have any disadvantages?

One of the AirPods drawbacks is its charging case’s sensitivity to damages. Over time, it is likely to lose its original glossy look. However, you can protect it from any nicks, scratches, and abrasions as well as water drops with an AirPods case cover.

Another disadvantage of the gadget is the lack of control of the player. First, you need to double-click on the earpiece to activate the voice assistant, which is not always convenient, as you need to take out your iPhone.

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