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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Cremation Urn in 2024

Buying cremation urns is simple if you know what you are looking for. Most of the time, people think about the best way to honor the deceased is to buy an urn that represents the life of the departed. We mostly think of style and presentation, forgetting that there are other factors to consider.

The Material

Many factors determine the choice of material to buy. If, for example, you are traveling with the ashes, metal is inapplicable. Transport authorities will not allow you to carry a metal item in your luggage. So, it might be an inconvenience. If you are thinking of something durable, paper-based urns and other urns made from heavily biodegradable items might not be an option. The material you choose will be determined by what you want to achieve with the bought urn.

The Engraving

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If you are thinking deeply about honoring the deceased, you must have thought about custom engravings. If you have any ideas of the carving, you will most certainly think about the other factors, such as color and shape. You want your engravings to come out perfectly. So, you will naturally want to choose the design and make that supports your ideas. You don’t want your message to be lost in the curves or corners. Custom engravings bring out your intentions.

For some inspirations about this, click here for detailed information on custom engravings just to have an idea of what you may want to have done for your dearly departed. Mostly, you will choose a design that fully embodies the message. The message can be anything from a spiritual quote to the deceased favorite line in a song.

The Size of the Urn

There are three options when it comes to the size of the urn. The first option is if you want to keep the ashes in one place. In that case, you will need a standard urn size that can hold about 200 cubic inches for an adult. If it is a child, you may need a smaller one. There is no harm in keeping the ashes of a child in a standard size urn. The second option is if you want to distribute the ashes among family members. In that case, you will need a smaller urn for each family member.

You will also need a normal-sized urn where the remains will be kept after cremation. You will subdivide the ash amongst yourselves afterward. The last option is the companion option. If you would want your ashes to be held together with those of your life partner, you will need a double-sized urn. You can find such jars in the market often labeled companion urns. They are large enough to carry the ashes of two adults. They are perfect for life partners.

Final Disposition Decision

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The decision that you choose will determine the urn that you buy. If you are scattering the ash in the ocean, you will need to make several decisions. First, you will need biodegradable material. You may also need to buy an urn that has an accompanying keepsake. Some people retain a small amount of ash after scattering. You can keep it in the souvenir. It is usually a small urn, often offered as an accompaniment to a standard cremation urn.

Let the seller know that you are sprinkling some of the ashes so that they can recommend the best combo for biodegradable urn and keepsake. If you are burying or placing the ashes in a mausoleum, you may need to consult the management about any prior arrangements. Buried urns should have green certification. Bronze ones work perfectly for this option. Any other metal will still work. They should also have a vault to reduce the possibility of collapsing. If you want to store the ash, you will need a material that will last long.

Wooden artifacts are perfect because they are light, easy to dust, customizable, and long-lasting. You may also consider other materials that may have similar or comparable qualities. Glass, ceramic, and marble have equal qualities and can do well. Design is of the essence when it comes to displaying urns. You want something that gives everyone the feeling that the departed is celebrated.

Your Budget

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Eventually, you will need an urn that is within your budget. The prices of jars range from a couple of dollars to several thousand. Price is determined by the material used, the design, customization, and size of the pot. Big urns will cost more. You can expect the companion urn to cost more than a small jar. If the urn is made of specialized material such as rare hardwood, it will cost more.

Some materials such as bamboo are cheap but might come in unique and artistic designs, making them expensive. The trick is to set a budget then work backward with the available options. Extensive research is the best approach because it will help you unearth bargain deals. Even with a budget in place, it is good to set some limits. You should not opt for an urn that does not offer you the service that you seek.

The overall approach to buying an urn is to decide what best represents the wishes of the departed one. Though most people say they want their remains to be cremated, they don’t specify anything else. It is up to the family to think of ways to make it an enjoyable experience. You can start by doing due diligence. Ask the crematorium about the size of the urn required so that you don’t end up buying a small jar. Use the cubic inches guide.

If you have to travel, you also need to think of a safe urn. Once you are done with due diligence, start your shopping. Sizes, shapes, and customization guides can help you make up your mind. A simple search for images will give you ideas about some designs and options that you never imagined existed. The best part is that there are those who cater to people wanting to procure custom-made urns. The functionality will beat the price, but you are always in charge of the decision. Let the whole experience be memorable. Do not forget, if you are scattering the ashes, make sure to read all the state and federal laws.

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