5 Reasons To Avoid Cheap Web Hosting Services – 2024 Guide

Having an internet presence in the modern-day and age is of the utmost importance no whatever what your line of work is. If you mean to reach more people and let the customers know what you are all about, your website needs to be top tier, with the latest technologies used to make and maintain it, and the fastest infrastructure to keep it online at all times.

For these and other reasons which will be discussed in detail shortly, you should always avoid cheap web hosting services. They are truly a recipe for disaster especially if you are serious about your online presence, and you definitely should be. According to, among the best hosting providers are Verpex, Host Armada and Fastcomet. To separate yourself from the competition, your website and the server it is on have to be impeccable. Neil Patel says that it has never been easier to find a good web hosting service than right now, so why settle for less? If you want to learn more about this important topic and if you are trying to find out whether or not a cheaper option is viable, keep reading this article.

1. Slow Speeds


Have you ever thought about why certain web hosting services are so cheaper than others? There must be a very good reason for it. Well, the number one problem with going cheap in any kind of service is the quality you get in return. With web hosting services, this is of course reflected in the very slow loading speeds throughout the whole website. Slow servers and poorly kept hosting are the best way to negative reviews and a poor ranking score of your website on most of the big search engines. Worst of all, it will be very frustrating for your customers and the users of your website. Generally, in the online world, people are quite impatient with slow service because they know what good ones look like and how little they take to open and load. If the server is slow, there is not much you can do to increase speeds, which is why you should prioritize quality over cheap solutions every time.

2. Busy Times and Downtimes


Remember that cheaper options come in many different forms, and with web hosting services you are probably going to get a shared cloud server that many other websites are on apart from yours. This means heavier traffic for the already struggling host and tons of downtime. During downtime, your website and business will suffer because the customers will not be able to open and browse your goods. Similarly, during busier hours of the day when most people are exploring the web, the traffic will be increased which brings us back to the previous entry on the list and extraordinary slow speeds. Despite the tech teams of the hosting company working hard to solve the issues, they will surely happen much more often than they should, giving you a nightmare scenario or your online presence.

3. Customer Support and Tech Support


When you prioritize saving money and do not pay attention to the quality of the service you employ, you can easily spot the shortcomings that kind of practice comes with on every corner. One of the most frustrating examples of this is the moment you need customer support for the first time. Cheap companies in all lines of business tend to cut most ties with the client the moment they sell them the goods or the service, leaving them to their own merits in case of emergency. In a sticky situation like downtime, or if the website gets shut down or hacked, you have to act as quick as possible and get in touch with the hosting firm. However, you will hardly be able to do so due to the painfully slow response times of cheap providers. What is more, most of them will charge you extra for this kind of tech support that should be included in what you are already paying for. Premium service means 24/7 customer and tech support, which should both be at the very top of your list when browsing for the right web hosting service.

4. Security Issued


Speaking of being hacked and having your website shut down by third parties, cheap hosting also comes with very poor and questionable protection. When the option is cheap, every single part of it is cheap, which means that the very things that should keep your information safe, as well as that of your registered customers, will be barely there or completely non-existent. An amateur hacker who just started developing their skills could be enough to set you back both career-wise and financially if you have the misfortune of them attacking your website. Easy targets are always taken care of first, and best believe a poorly secured website is going to be attacked sooner rather than later. This is especially true if your website deals with eCommerce. Once the security is breached, you will have tons of legal issues since you will breach the all-important GDPR rules. This then tarnishes your reputation and sets you back years.

5. Monitoring and Statistics


If you are to continue improving you must have all of the right data and stats in front of you. Cheap hosting services generally lack the right kind and amount of statistics that could be of great help when improving your business. As a website owner you simply have to know the demographic of your customers, how many hits you get per day or monthly, where are they coming from, and so on. How can you know what to sell more and what to focus on if you have no feedback? Detailed stats are crucial in giving the customers exactly what they want before they even ask for it. Such tools are rarely available with cheaper options, and even if they are they could be flawed and give you wrong data that can hurt you. A lack of these resources is like using a cheap laptop, you cannot do nearly as much as you would be able to with a better and faster model that costs more. Therefore, do not settle and try paying more if it means better overall service.

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