Timber Frame Kits That Make Great Additions For Any Home

If you follow the trends in interior design, you have surely noticed that natural, raw and rustic elements that exude charm and bring warmth and immediacy to nature in the interiors are appearing more and more often. You can get this increasingly desirable look of the space in several different ways, from highlighting existing and adding new architectural details to the planned purchase of rustic furniture and decorative details that have a story and a strong connection with nature.

Wooden beams are a very prominent element in the interior, and as such are synonymous with naturalness, comfort, and rustic beauty. They beautify the attic, give it a special charm, make a space where it is possible to express your creativity and upgrade it.



The attic always has one safe function, and that is storage. However, if attention is paid to this space and a constructive architectural solution is found, it can be turned into a beautiful family apartment or a small studio, depending on the size. The moment you start designing and arranging, you come to one of the most important items of the attic, and that is wooden beams. To use the space as functionally as possible, it is necessary to fit them so that the apartment applies to those who will be staying in it.

Types of decorative beams


Beams are made of wood, metal, or polyurethane.

The classic version – wooden beams for the ceiling are made of oak, ash, pine. They can be integral or hollow inside, which is especially good for hiding various communications beneath them.

Metal beams, as a rule, are very heavy, so they must be firmly “fixed”.

Polyurethane beams have a fairly low weight, they can be fixed freely on their own. The advantage of this material is that it is not afraid of moisture and does not absorb odors, so you can use it in almost any room. Besides, polyurethane can mimic a lot of textures and colors, such as wood.

Custom Timber Frame Home Kits


Wood never goes out of fashion, although tastes and trends change. Glossy wooden surfaces of reddish hue coated with numerous layers of the transparent varnish used to be a true notion of elegance and style, while today we turn more to the natural look of wood, raw, exposed, and organic, letting wood be the main star in a space that exudes charm and warmth.

Many people think wooden frame kits are old-fashioned, which is not true because these constructive elements fill the room with a special charm, creating a pleasant atmosphere of a good house. However, wooden frames find their place in the exterior of many homes, not only the load-bearing structure but also plays a major role in aesthetic terms. According to Hamill Creek Timber Frame Home, there is no mistake with choosing wood, whether it is for windows frames, ceiling, or exterior design. Wood can be considered the most valuable and highest quality material in construction. It is characterized by extremely favorable biological properties, which in that form cannot be found in any other material. Wood as a building material, according to its technological, biological-ecological properties, occupies a leading place concerning other materials. Also, it gives a very pleasant feeling and warmth to the spaces that are built of it, and in the interior, it provides a very pleasant microclimate, it is in chemical balance with the environment and is maintained in conditions where concrete and steel are unsustainable.

Currently, ceiling beams are used as a decorative decoration for ceilings in city apartments and private homes. Timber frame kits perfectly fit in various interior styles – modern, classic, rustic, and even industrial which is very popular in the past few years. In modern interiors, these materials have more decorative roles than functional ones, which is why they are called decorative beams.

Arranging the space with the help of beams


Whether it is business premises, studios, family apartments, or some other adapted type of living, the beams also serve as interesting partition ‘walls’, so they can separate the dining room from the living room or one office from another. With a few ideas, you can create an option for a personal library, a shelf for small things, or a wardrobe pillar, and your living space will get a completely new look!

Very often, in the attics of modern apartments of today, which are located in urban areas, and which do not have roof structures with visible beams, ‘fake’ is installed. There are companies and enterprises whose main activity is the installation of this type of beam, just to conjure up the old world of sophistication that they possess.

Therefore, if you have a space that could be adapted or you are already staying in it, do not forget to enjoy all the possibilities that this wonderful construction offers, because the nobility and shine of wood are difficult to compare with any other material.

How to choose the right color?


When choosing wood materials for your home, we always encounter one eternal dilemma. How to mix different types, shades, and textures of wood, and the result is attractive and impressive? Of course, there is no secret formula that always works, but you can follow certain guidelines that will make your job easier! The color of the wood is earthy, neutral color, and wood surfaces are unpredictable because of their structure which makes them so attractive. You can mix different textures, colors, and surfaces of wood as much as you want if you have enough white to dilute and balance the overall look. By introducing different wood textures, you will bring an extra dimension and dynamism to a room that will look much more vibrant.

Create contrast with your wooden furniture. One piece of dark color in a room full of light wood details will look much more striking than an entire room filled exclusively with dark furniture.

Avoid heavily varnished and glossy wooden surfaces and stick to raw, bleached, or grayish shades of wood that you can mix with much more freedom. The less varnish presents the more freedom you have to create layers of different wood in your interior.

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