How to Decide What Career Is Yours? – How to Pick a Career

Do you find yourself questioning whether you are on the right career path? Everyone is likely to go through radical career shifts during their early working life. It feels awkward realizing that the career you have worked for so long isn’t the right one.

So, how do you decide what career is yours? It’s not every career that you will get into that will earn a continuous income stream. There are several tips that you can follow to land your best career.

Stay in job search mode


Opportunities are usually open to those that are ready. How are you prepared for your career? Remember that there is stiff competition, and you can easily be short-changed for someone better than you. Keeping yourself in the continuous job search mode will prepare you for various opportunities.

Update your skills regularly and add them to your resume. To enhance your chances, seek help with your resume writing from Careersbooster. The professionals will write a great resume that meets the standards needed by various companies.

Follow your passion

Everyone has that one activity they are fond of doing. They will always find some or spend extra cash to engage in it no matter what happens. Though professional life matters a lot, there is always a challenge when it does match your interests. And that’s a common challenge with most young employees.

Some so-called low-paying careers can play nicely with the right person. It doesn’t matter whether you will start a blog, writing service or be employed as an engineer. There are writers who are earning a decent amount of money than engineers. It’s all about dedication and passion.

Consider your worth

It’s possible to get wasted years in a company that doesn’t give you space to explore your talents. On the other hand, your employer might be taking advantage of you by paying little. Do you think the services you offer to the company are compensated adequately? If not, then that’s not your best career, and you have to leave and find better opportunities.

Staying there for long will limit your ability to search for better opportunities. As long as you have been upgrading your skills, the probability is high that you will get something useful to engage in. There are numerous salary sources that you can use to calculate the going rate for the career.

Assess your skills for ideal career


Some wish they had better careers and rarely have the correct skillset. Others have the correct skillset and are actively looking for a job. The latter is likely to be picked by various companies as fast as vacancies open. Instead of wishing for a better career, upgrade your skills.

The better the skills, the more opportunities, and you are less likely to jump from one career to the other. What is the point here? If you have to search for a better career, you must have top-notch skills. Technology is changing, and you have to keep looking for more and better skills.

Turn down all fewer job offers

As stated above, it’s all about knowing your worth in the job market. The journey of finding a better career is full of challenges. On the way, you will get numerous fewer job offers from different organizations. But do you have to trade your knowledge and skills for a “peanut” salary?

It’s upon you to turn down all fewer job offers. Do it courageously for every job that seems to be less than ideal. They say, do not settle for less! And you are no exception in this case. In most cases, numerous job-hopping is always a red flag on the resume regardless of whether your skills are in high demand.

Try an overlap


What companies are looking for, what you are looking for, and what you are good at might only be slightly connected. In this case, you might end up in confusion if you don’t know how to balance the three. Here, the best option would be to find overlap among the three. That’s the only best way to find a promising career path.

Rather than settling too much on the available titles in the job market, consider your interests in those fields. Are your skills in line with the available jobs? If yes, you have to work out how the three can be connected to give you the best career.

Look for a mentor

The power and value of a great mentor should never be underestimated. These professionals have been in the market, and they know what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes when making career shifts, you can’t do it alone. You will feel like you need to learn from the best people in the industry.

And mentors are the best in this case. You can never miss a mentor. Search on different sites on the internet. Check the reputation of the mentor before settling on them. The pay rates are different depending on what you want to gain from them.

Now that you have at least the best tips to get started with your career, do you know some of the best careers you can choose? Remember that you want to work in a field that you are excited about.

Here are some of the best careers with promising employment security in the long run.

• Actuary
• Database administrator
• Public relations manager
• Sales engineer
• Data scientist
• Financial manager
• Cybersecurity specialist
• Registered nurse
• Technical writer
• Software developer
• HR manager
• Marketing manager


Settling on the best career is usually challenging. Most of the young employees end up in so many job shifts. Taking time to learn what works for you and what doesn’t is vital for career success.

With the above tips, you will find a career that fits your interests and skills. All the points have weight, and you have to check out which one makes more sense to you. Then settle for a career that’s worth your skillset and offers future growth.

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