How Do You Manage Thick Hair With Flat Iron – 2024 Guide

If you’ve thick hair and want to know – how to manage thick hair with a flat iron? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about managing your thick hair with a flat iron. Thick hair requires patience and time, especially when you desire to look straight hair. The main struggle with thick hair is the maintenance, from proper hair tools, blow styling, and drying. If you plan on managing your thick hair with a flat iron, the key is to go slow and work in small sections.

Manage Thick Hair With Flat Iron: Step By Step Guide

Make Sure To Dry Your Hair

Before using a flat iron for your thick hair, make sure to dry your hair completely. You can do this by air-drying or blow-drying your hair. If you’re going to use a straightener, you don’t need to blow-dry it completely. If you spend more time on the section to dry your hair, then you need less time when straightening hair using the flat iron.

Use Heat Protectant Oils

Using oil products for your hair is the best idea to protect, heat protectant oil may be useful for your hair, especially if you’ve thick hair. I think it is very much essential for every hair type because of protecting hair from unnecessary damage. Oils are easily absorbed by the hair instead of simply coating the hair.

You can use Orofluido, which contains argon, cyperus, and linseed oil. It is more natural when you are using heat straighter than it has changed to damage your hair, but by protecting hair care products like oil easily, we can manage it.

Prepare The Flat Iron At The Right Temperature

Sometimes you run the flat iron over your hair a bunch of times, and your hair might not be straightening quickly. The repetitive movement of flat iron on your hair can cause your hair to go static. To avoid going static, turn the heat up on your flat iron. A good rule for thicker hair is a hotter flat iron.

It would be best if you keep your heat styling tools setting under 400-degree Fahrenheit for thick hair; otherwise, it will damage your hair. To do this process correctly, you need to choose a ceramic flat iron that can give you good results.

Brush Your Hair, Don’t Comb

When managing your thick hair, or even while blow-drying, the temptation to comb it can run high, therefore grab a brush instead when your hair is wet. Always remember the rule, “Brush for dry hair and comb for wet hair”. On this step, you need to use the brush on your every section of hair for better results. 

Straighten Your Hair With Your Overall Style Goal In Mind

If you want to get pin-straight hair, divide it into small sections and begin to straighten your hair from the bottom layers to the top. If you want your hair to be smoother, divide it into bigger sections, running the flat iron clamped tightly over each part slowly. Hair section properly to archive the results of straightening hair can depend.

Add Hair Volume

It is always a struggle to give thick hair volume due to it being heavier. Thick hair tends to be heavier. Therefore it is always challenging to provide it with volume, especially after it’s straightened. If you’re looking to add something to your hair, try to use a volumizing product like Dear Clark Volumizing Tonic and try drying your hair upside down to lift the hair’s root. 

Top 3 Best Flat Irons For Thick Hair

KIPOZI 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron

One of the best flat iron for thick hair (read more details here) is the KIPOZI flat iron that provides desired heat within 15 seconds. The temperature setting up to 450F, suitable for thick hair and also the titanium plates, get your hair shaped quickly.

The thick hair flat iron has an auto shut off features that give you extra security when using it. You can use the straighter anywhere in the world for dual voltage feature; it makes a difference from other flat iron.

Remington S8598S Flat Iron

Here we recommend to you another worldwide favorite brand, Remington flat iron it comes to hair care. One of the most key features on the flat irons is SmartPRO technology; it will monitor your hair to adjust the temperature setting.

The flat iron has five different heat settings that allow and are useful for all types of hair and also thick hair. The heat-up time on the flat iron is only 15 seconds. The Remington flat irons go to cool down quickly and have a hinge lock that makes it more manageable when traveling.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron

The features of the flat iron come with Ceramic plates infused with titanium. It will be your long term investment and have no options to lose your money when you buy the top quality flat iron. The highest temperature setting of the flat iron is 425F, which is more enough for thick hair and also coarse hair.

Another feature of the flat iron is a digital display that allows you to monitor the temperature quickly. If sometimes you forgot to shut off the flat iron,don’t worry about this, and it has an auto-shutoff feature. The black color flat is smarter to use any user.

The top three flat irons section only includes those flat irons which are suitable for thick hair. But all of those three are also perfect for all other types of hair. Please try to know about your hair type before choosing the straighter. 


There is a little bit of a hard task to manage thick hair properly. But when you know what types of flat irons are the best for you to manage thick hair, it will be an easy job. Today on the first part, we try to give the knowledge of how to manage your thick hair, and the second part mentions the top 3 flat irons that are the best for thick hair.

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