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Cydia Impactor: How Does it Work – 2024 Guide

Cydia Impactor is the specific program which supports users to set up various third-party applications on their devices using IPA files. Therefore, users with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can reach apps that available as IPA based packages simply throughout Cydia Impactor available at CydiaMate.

The particular operation install packages call sideload. Most users consider such installations for there are further features rather than install common apps. Thus, there is a heap of third-party applications that Impactor capable to support. If you too interest more about Cydia impactor and its uses, here is our complete narration about.

How to install apps using Cydia Impactor?

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There are two main methods of install apps through Cydia Impactor. We will guide you through both. So you can choose the best one for you.

Note: the 1st method will let you carry out the installation by disabling if you enabled two-factor verification on your iDevice. So the second method is normal that you do not need to disable it. If it has been enabled, it may interfere with the operation. So if you are afraid, you can use the first method.

Method 1

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  1. Prepare a Windows, Mac or Linux machine
  2. Download Cydia Impactor and the respective IPA file of the app you wish to download
  3. Use a proper USB or Lightning cable to connect the iPhone to the machine
  4. Make sure that the connected device has been detected before move further
  5. Bring the certain IPA file and drop it on the UI
  6. Click OK to confirm certificate expiration
  7. Enter Apple ID details and continue with OK
  8. The app icon will state on the Home of the device
  9. Go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management
  10. Find out the certain certificate of the installed application and Trust it

Method 2

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  1. Type and go to web page
  2. And then log into your account with correct Apple ID logins
  3. Go through 2FA steps and enter your account
  4. Once the account will open, you will get an alert saying that you have been enabled Two-Factor Authentication and the specific Password of the app as well
  5. And then select a proper name for the specific label which is closer to the accurate app name and click Create option
  6. Copy the password when generating
  7. And then enter particular logins to the Apple ID details
  8. Now you can apply the rest from the previous step guide
  9. The respective IPA file will be there
  10. The app will be able to use

Important facts to remember

  • Cydia Impactor will ask your Apple ID user name and password to sideload the application using the entered IPA file. Those who want to keep the current Apple ID away from this; they can create a phony account and use those logins for
  • Those who use free Apple IDs will face certificate expiration trouble once a week. therefore, you will have to sideload it once more to bring back the app
  • Even you are with a paid Apple ID it too will expire but only when the installation turns a year


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