iMac Mockup PSD: Realistic Prototype for Clients

To be more competitive than ever, businesses need to have solid websites and mobile applications. If they want to stay ahead of the game, businesses need their online presence to have a top-notch user interface and user experience. That is why UI and UX designers have among the highest paying positions in the world—because they are so in demand. But while they are coveted, the competition among them is also stiff. This is why designers need to showcase their work in the most creative way possible and the iMac Mockup PSD is just the right creative tool to do it.

What is so special with the iMac Mockup PSD?


If you are a designer, you will need to wow prospective clients. Creating the actual website or mobile application just to show off your design is going to be really expensive. This is why you have a mockup, which is the closest representation of what the digital output will look like.

The mockup PSD provides middle to high-fidelity design prototype that reflects color, layout, typography, iconography and the overall appearance of the product. Prospective clients or stakeholders can clearly see through the iMac Mockup PSD what the actual thing will look like and how it could work. Web designs are important because they could spell the difference between success and failure. Businesses may have high-quality products and services, but without an online presence, those great offerings will mean nothing. This is a different world—in this generation, a good chunk of people has become very dependent on the internet and on technology for even the most mundane things.

Free and easy to edit

Most things that are free are usually subpar in quality than those that you have to purchase. But this is not truly the case when it comes to mockups. There are free mockups online and they are good enough to showcase your work. Besides, your creativity will be the star of the output, the mockup is just a canvass—and what a great canvass it is.

As long as the mockup template is not coded, you can easily make revisions to it. Working with PSD file is also advantageous because it is easy to customize. In general, PSD is easy to use. The smart layers also take advantage of non-destructive editing in Photoshop. This is a positive thing because then you don’t have to take too much time editing your work when you want to make changes. So expect to be more versatile with the iMac Mockup PSD since you can very well utilize a shared source file from amongst various Photoshop documents via the Linked Smart Objects.

There are a lot of benefits to working with Smart Objects. For one, you can easily scale the images and rotate them when necessary. Other alignment editions you can do include skewing, distorting and warping—all these without losing the original image data. Filtering your work through Smart Objects will not damage any of the data as well.

Working with Apple products provide a more professional feel


Ever notice that most Apple users no longer buy other technological brands? That’s because Apple products are so easy to use and they seamlessly work together that it just becomes impractical to buy another brand for your tech needs. It doesn’t hurt that Apple owns a reputation for creating technology that is elegant looking and highly functional.

When it comes to showcasing your website design, the iMac screen would be the best tool to demonstrate it. Obviously, it is large and every item on the screen or web page will be optimized. This is also one example of Apple’s elegance in creating technology. The Apple iMac already looks good as it is, complements this with your mockup and your output will only be elevated. The iMac is also the best equipment for the workspace mockup, which would be the best type if you are trying to create office-related digital products. That would include an office networking program or simply a business web page.

The MacOS is arguably the best proprietary operating system, which is in line with Apple’s principle of providing a consistent, simple and logical interface. That would mean a mockup will simply give out a photorealistic iMac. While this is not really a portable tool unlike the iPad or the iPhone, the iMac is light enough that it is easy to transport. It is easily the lightest desktop computer in the market.

If you are planning on showcasing a mockup for a gaming website or an online gaming prototype, the iMac Pro Mockup will be the best tool for that. If you are looking for some minimalist clay mockups for the iMac and MacBook, Ramotion has some great templates.

Realistic perspective

A website used to be just an online page that would give people information about the business. But since technology has become an essential part of the business world, a simple website talking about the company is no longer acceptable. The UI/UX designs have now become important aspects when it comes to a business’s online presence through a website or mobile application. The user interface and user experience are technically different concepts of the web design process but for a more effective output, the two should work hand in hand. According to Forbes, the UX will depend upon the implementation of responsive and intuitive UI.

Of course, UI/UX designers will need the best creative tool to showcase their design in order to better explain and demonstrate to their clients how their design works. A mockup is going to provide the most realistic rendering of the output. Not all clients will have a deeper understanding of the UI and UX, the mockup is the perfect opportunity for designers to clearly explain it to them how the output works.        

The iMac Mockup PSD is the most professional way that designers could translate the tech-heavy matters into a simple and non-intimidating manner. This way, prospective clients could better internalize the way the digital product works.

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