Online Shooters with Realistic Squad Interaction

Online shooters have taken over the world of gaming, offering players to try out different roles. A series of Call of Duty games allows you to feel like a soldier of various units, from the Rangers to the Marine Corps.

CS GO indirectly, but gives the feeling of playing for the special forces of various power structures of the largest states.

But what about a tactical simulator that will be fun to play with friends? Play seriously, with full acting out and the feeling that you are really a special forces unit with a complex task that needs to be solved through coordination of actions. We’ll talk about such games today.

What can you play:

• Escape from Tarkov
• SWAT 4

Escape from Tarkov


A tactical simulator about a military confrontation between special forces and mercenaries, where players will have to fight the enemy in abandoned buildings and open areas for survival with other squads.

The game is built on the classic rating system of the best players, and it is worth putting a lot of effort into getting into the top. To strengthen your position, you can visit

The squad will have to enter the territory, find weapons and equipment that will be useful in battle, and go to search for opponents to clear.

• Distribute the roles – there are unspoken roles in Escape from Tarkov:

• Commander – sets the direction of movement of the group, issues commands and fights according to his own scenario for the safety of the lives of the fighters and the use of equipment.

Marksman – the main shooter of the group, assesses the situation and passes key information to the commander. The task of the marksman is to conduct live firing of the group and be the support of the commander in the aspect of firing.

The machine gunner, or gunner with heavy weapons, is the fighter’s task, to conduct suppressive fire, allowing the allies to take advantageous positions for defense, or to use the flanks to bypass the enemy during an attack for subsequent destruction.

A sniper is a shooter who solves the tasks of destroying the enemy at a long distance, saving the group from the need to risk their lives to solve combat missions. The sniper is vulnerable in close combat, so the fighter should be provided with protection.



A realistic US police special forces simulator in which players will have to solve various situations from a simple cleanup of a diner from drug addicts and a couple of armed bandits, to the release of a jewelry house with a hostage situation.

The game has a unique group productivity system, and since SWAT’s motto is we don’t kill criminals, we save lives. Players must neutralize and arrest criminals by all possible means and use weapons only as a last resort and prevent injury and death of the hostages.

Players have access to various weapons and various means to solve combat missions.

From available and useful equipment:

• Taser – immobilizes the enemy by firing current. Allows you to delay the enemy without the use of lethal means.

• Paintball gun with tear gas – incapacitates the enemy and helps with arrest, some terrorists will be in gas masks and goggles – be careful.

• Grenade launcher – we are talking about a hand-held means for throwing various grenades that incapacitate the enemy without a lethal outcome. Can be charged with gas and stun grenades.

• Struts – block the door and do not allow them to open. Great for buildings with lots of rooms to check.

• Mirror – allows you to look under the door and explore the situation before the group enters.

Blinding Grenades – Combine group actions and enter rooms at the same time as the grenade action is triggered.

• Lockpicks – use lock picking instead of loud explosions and knocking down doors and take opponents by surprise.

• Lethal Weapons – Pistols, submachine guns and assault rifles are featured in the game. It is worth equipping the group with equally lethal and disarming weapons in order to be ready for any situation, because your task is to order the opponents to surrender and destroy them in disobedience, and not die with the whole squad trying to complete the task by 100 percent neutralizing all the terrorists.

If necessary, the squad leader can use the support of snipers who are guarding nearby, but it is worth remembering that even though the sniper eliminates some opponents, the surprise factor will be lost, and the building will have to be stormed according to all the rules of a military assault and sweep.

• It is worth mentioning an interesting feature of the game – each time the game map is randomly generated in terms of the placement of terrorists and hostages, which adds variety to the game passage of the group.

• Ideally, if you play in five – you can split the squad into two small groups and act together from different positions in the premises, playing out a realistic assault. Group members can also monitor the cameras of other employees to understand what is happening.

In Swat, opponents evaluate their chances and if you go out to three opponents alone, they most likely will not even run, but will open fire to kill. But if you, with the help of a detachment, approach them from several sides and order them to surrender – few people want to be a hero, but be prepared to open fire on criminals – according to the jurisdiction, the special forces have the right to destroy the enemy at the slightest threat to the group or civilians.

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