How to Make a Custom Ringtone on Android or iPhone

Today, we all more or less use smartphones, whether they are Android devices or iPhones. Of course, each of us wants to be different from the others – so why not stand out with your ringtone? Fortunately, today we can use the option to custom our ringtones, and here’s how.

Does The Phone Ringtone Matter At All?


Although this question may seem strange to some – there is a certain logical sense in it. Namely, some people are even listening to melodies when choosing a phone. It often happens that because of the sound, they opt for a particular model. Fortunately, today, we can change melodies very easily – regardless of whether you have an Android or an iPhone. The ringtone is very often one of the features that determine our character.

We all like to have a specific melody or phone that sounds “just like us”. It is the melody we love – and the sound by which we are recognizable among others. And not only will others recognize us by the sound of the phone – but we will also be able to know, for example, who the caller is because we can assign a certain melody to a certain contact. So, no matter how much it may seem to some that the melody doesn’t make the phone – it is quite the opposite! The melody gives a personal stamp to your phone and makes you recognizable.

Wanna Make A Customized Tone For Your Phone? Let’s See How To Do It!

Customized ringing tones are an easy and very fun way for each user to further personalize their smartphone or iPhone. You can use the songs we love and make them our ringing tones in a variety of ways. For example, you can define a song as a ringtone for a specific person, whether it’s your friend, girlfriend, or colleague. In the following lines, we will say something more about how to make customized ringing tones for Android and iPhone smartphones – no matter what melody or sound you opt for.

Custom ringing tones for Androids


Fortunately for us, today’s smartphones have made many things much easier. However, if for some reason you wish for a different melody, you must be familiar with some simple rules. We will start with melodies for Android.

With such a phone, you can easily make ringing tones just by using your melody – of course, if such a melody or a song has already been downloaded to your device.

Everything is quite simple. You go to the file manager, go to the folder where you want the sound or song, and mark your future ringtone. After that, select Move To – and transfer the desired melody to Ringtones.

When you’re done with it, everything else is clear. Just select the desired tone from the list, mark with OK, and your job is done – there’s your new melody! Of course, if you still haven’t yet decided what tone or melody to set for the ringtone – you can always do more research. Today, we have so many applications available – as well as services that offer you free ringtones, such as Web places like this are ideal for a thorough search for the sound that will suit you.

You can opt for an interesting melody, a sequence of the song you like that you won’t have to edit – and even the sounds of nature, the voices of animals, etc. Of course, the choice is yours alone.

Creating Ringtones For iPhone

While this may seem like a more complicated process to many, it is not. Once you learn how to do it, you will perfectly edit all the melodies you want to set up. First, you must deal with the choice of melodies, which you will simply do by downloading melodies for iPhone with the help of Ringtone Maker. This program is quite easy to use and gives you the ability to cut and shorten – that is, to edit the selected melody.

Of course, editing and syncing are easiest to do with an app like iTunes. So, the first thing you need to do is to download a song or sound from iTunes or some other free song database. Then, open the ringtone app and give it access to your downloaded music folder. Check out the desired song and with the help of the application, shorten it to a part of the song that you want to set up as your ringtone.

To sync everything with iTunes, first connect, then go to ringtones on the Apps tab – and then to file sharing. Save the files to your desktop, then double-click the ringtone that will appear in iTunes as well. Then in iTunes go to the option to sync tones – and that’s it. In the end, you can just check in your phone setup on the ringtones if you did everything right. The melody should be stored there.

Why Do Users Bind So Much To A Certain Ringtone?


Some people may think that the ringtone of the phone is not so important, but that is proven to be wrong. According to some research, mobile phone users are most attached to ringtones. Moreover, people who used only one ringtone for a long time, and then changed it for another after a long time – would still react when they hear the previous sound on someone else’s phone. We are attached to the melody, and that is a fact.

Ever since the time of old Nokia, when the famous sound irritated us – many people still mechanically grab the phone if they accidentally hear that sound. And it is proof that the brain remembers everything – even the things we don’t want to memorize.


The ringtone is important to most of us. First of all, because we will listen to it every day when someone calls us. Also, a melody can bind us to a particular person. In the end, it should be a melody that will start something in us. Maybe it will bring us to action, or awakening – or it will just be pleasing to the ear and relaxing. Maybe the melody will make you recognizable in the crowd? Think about all this before you make your choice and install the ringtone on your Android or iPhone.

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