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How to Install Spy Software on Android Cell Phone Remotely?

The Google report says that almost 85% of mobile devices are running with an android operating system all across the globe. It means people standing right next to you are using an android device. So, your child or employees could be a mobile lover. On the other hand, the technology revolution has made all of us so much curious about what target person is doing particularly on their mobile phone device.  The curiosity about we are talking at the moment is integrated with all of us by default since the technology in terms of androids has been evolved over the years.

Therefore, people want to get rid of the curiosity and they tend towards the different solutions to know what is being done on the apparatus you want to monitor. So, they may be waiting for the device to stay idle once by the target user to get their hands on or they go for the conventional spying methods and some want to use spy software on the handset remotely. However, doing the act of surveillance on someone’s device seemingly an act of secret move and people then think that is it possible for somehow to install cell phone monitoring software remotely.

Is it possible to install surveillance software on the cell phone remotely?

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Technically it is a bluff that has been used for false marketing purposes. So, if you ask me whether it is possible to install mobile phone tracking software remotely? Then my answer would be if you have got a genie lamp even then you won’t be able to do that. So, the answer is so simple that there are none of the spying apps that empower you to activate it on the target device. The reason behind it is very simple because it is impossible to do that virtually yet.

Furthermore, most of the people intermingle that hacking into phone remotely and installing software is the same things. Therefore, you have to install android monitoring software on the targeted apparatus unless you have physical access to the target device. However, once you have ended up with the installation then you can track the smartphone remotely but the installation of the monitoring software for android is impossible to do that.

Install cell phone monitoring app for android on target device

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If you are looking forward to doing surveillance on target mobile or tablet then you must have physical access to the desired apparatus at least once to set it up. Later you can track android remotely. Let’s get to know how to install TheOneSpy tracking software on the target handset to monitor the device remotely.

Step 1: Subscribe for Android spy app

Simply use your cellphone browser and it must have internet access. Now you visit the official webpage of the mobile tracking software for android. You will instantly get the credentials in return via email.

Step 2: Get physical access on target android device

Now you have to have physical access to the target device and when you got it then start the process of installation rapidly. Complete the process and then activate it on the target phone.

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Step 3: Use Login ID & password to access online control panel

Now you can use the credentials that you have got and get access to the online control panel. Further, you will have plenty of tools that empower you to monitor the target cell phone remotely. Let’s get to know about the tools.

Monitor android remotely with powerful tools

You can remotely track live cell phone calls on an Android cell phone and listen to calls using secret call recorder software. You can monitor text messages on the target tablet devices remotely and also track social messaging apps and instant messenger logs without having access to the target handset. You can perform live screen recording and monitor the location of the target device.

It’s normal to have a lot of questions, like will the phone owner find out he/she is monitored remotely or is it safe to have that app on your device. According to TheToolReport, there are completely safe apps to spy on someone else’s smartphone, even though it may cost you some monthly or yearly fee, or you will have to pay to purchase it from the store. Most of these apps are third-party, and not available on PlayStore, and you can get them by accessing a link. Knowing that you must be careful when you do that, and to trust the source who is sending you the link, because there is always a chance that it can be malicious, or to be used for someone else to spy on you.
That’s the reason why you have to use trusted and powerful tools, and never try to install something on your or someone else’s device, that may ruin the software, and cause thousands of issues. The reasons why you want to spy on someone can be different, but you have to be aware that monitoring someone without them being aware of that is a serious attack on human rights and their general well-being. There are some exceptions when the monitoring is required, but in those cases, you will need to have a legal allowance to do that. But anyway, you can’t do that remotely, because you need to hold in your hands the device you want to be spied, so you can install everything that you need to do that. It’s pretty complicated to do that since we all have our phones “glued” to our hand, and know where they are at any moment of the day.

Do I really need to do that?

In the end, you have to be aware that by doing that, you are risking to ruin the relationship you have with that particular person, and the trust they are giving to you. When you want to get to know something or discover some behavior, it’s always better to talk to the person and ask what you want to know. The conversation is always a better solution than spying on someone who is important to you, no matter the reasons behind it.


There is no way to install spying software for android on the target device remotely unless you have got physical access on the target cell phone running with Android OS. However, you can monitor phone device remotely when you have ended up with the process of the installation having physical access on the device.

Also, always remember that spying on someone is not a solution to any problem, with an exception when that’s required by the authorities, so it can take a part in some investigation, and crime revealing. Those actions are controlled by the police and investigators, and you can’t do that by yourself.
In the end, listen to our advice to talk to the person you initially wanted to spy on when you searched for articles like this. Try not to fall to scams and malicious links that say you will be able to monitor remotely someone for free. All of these services cost, and again, you have to be 100% sure that you really want to do that, and that the reason is not personal. We hope you will find this article useful during that process.

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