Why Are Spy Apps Needed?

Is someone bullying your child online? Is your spouse cheating on you? How do you know if your loved one is safe?

If you’re worried about any of these, you may want to try out a spy app. These mobile apps are perfect for keeping an eye on your child or finding out the whereabouts of your partner. You can choose a spy app based on your needs and know what is going on with someone else’s life or activities.

What Are Spy Apps?


These are surveillance apps that can be used to track data on a person’s mobile phone without their consent. They are like a window through which you can see what someone is doing on their phones.

The data may include their incoming and outgoing calls, browser activity, GPS location, text messages, and even data from the applications on their phone like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter. Spy apps, as the name suggests, are usually hidden on the user’s phone.

How Do Spy Apps Work?


Although different spy apps work differently, their basic functioning is the same. After installing the software and creating an account, it will ask for specific details of the person’s phone that is to be monitored, like their IMEI number or sometimes even their phone passcode.

In some cases, you need to download the software on the person’s phone, too. Spy apps are not easily discovered as they work in the background.

You will get a website URL where you will be able to login and use your control panel to track another person’s phone. Some spy apps even have mobile control panels to read someone’s WhatsApp or see online activities.

Not all spy apps have the same feature. So, the exact data, apps, messages, or phone calls you can track vary from one app to another.

When Do You Need to Install Spyware on Your Device?


Tracking Employees

Companies may need spyware apps to conduct background checks on their employees. Many businesses may want to track the location of traveling sales representatives. It also helps employers investigate incidents of violations or breaches, like data theft.

Some companies may even need to track Internet activities when employees are using office networks.

Concerned Parents

Parents will find it useful to monitor their child’s Internet activity or to track the phone if it gets lost. Children are not always safe on the streets. You might want to keep an eye on them by checking your kid’s real-time locations.

Another reason is preventing your child from online bullies and abusers. You can use spy apps to read their messages and even see who is on their contact lists.


You can even use spy apps to track someone whose activities seem suspicious. Investigators may use spy apps to gather evidence and find out more about their suspects. It can also be necessary to listen to phone calls and view phone files for more clues.

Cheating Partner

Catching your cheating partner red-handed is often possible with spy apps. You can read the chats, see images, and even find out call timings and numbers to give a rest to your suspicion.

How to Choose the Right Spy App for Yourself?

Use a spy app that offers a holistic solution. You need it to track not just a few but all the information. Remember, the free version is often limited. Even if spy apps promise all features, you won’t be able to use them till you pay and go premium.

Decide on the features you will need and apps you want to track. Then find out if your chosen spy app offers what you need. Additionally, research online and read reviews to determine if the app is reliable and efficient.

Also, choose a spy app that does not cause battery drain. Significant use of battery juice may raise suspicion.

At, they offer a number of spyware options, so you get to choose one that fits your needs better.

Top Spy Apps from Experts


1. Auto Forward Spy

The app works by creating a remote Internet connection with the target phone, which means that it does not require the target phone to monitor its data.

One of the best features of the app is Facebook Monitoring. You get all friend requests, comments, shares, and activities directly sent to your account. The customer service is also friendly and responsive.

Facilities: GPS, phone calls, social media activity, keylogger, stealth camera, text messages, and remote listening.

Price: $29.99.

2. Highster Mobile

This app also develops a remote Internet connection with the target phone. It is recommended to use this for iPhones and Android.

The app lets you track several apps and phone content using a live control panel. You can also take pictures of surroundings using the Stealth Camera feature. Plus, you can read all emails on the phone.

Facilities: Social media, GPS, keylogger, and text messages.

Price: $69.99.

3. DDI Utilities

This app will require you to text the file link to the target phone. Once the link is opened, all the data from the target phone will be uploaded on the file without the user’s knowledge.

The app comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for complete peace of mind. You can also use the app to track iPad content.

DDI Utilities has a number of positive customer reviews. It is very simple to use, and you never face any navigability issues.

The app comes in two plans for basic and advanced users. The Pro plan gives you access to all features and may be suited for enterprises.

Facilities: Calls, email, GPS, stealth camera, browser, social media, diagnostics, and text messages.

Price: $69.99.

4. PhoneSpector

For this app, text the download link to the target phone, and the activated link installs automatically, allowing you to access the data.

PhoneSpector offers comprehensive tracking features, including phone calls, videos, contacts, photos, Internet history, and more. You can view any content stored on the phone in the current time or past.

Additionally, you get upgrades free for a lifetime.

Facilities: GPS, Keylogger, and Social Media.

Price: $69.99.

5. Easy Spy

This app requires you to either send a link to the target phone or install the app on it by using a USB or Bluetooth connection.

A great feature of this app is the ability to lock target phones. You can prevent anyone from accessing your stolen or lost phone. Additionally, all calls made and received from a locked phone will be visible to you.

Easy Spy covers most of the popular social media platforms. You can also track unique platforms like Viber and BBM. Plus, you are free to see what is going on in a person’s Skype.

Facilities: GPS, Social Media, Browser, Multimedia, Calls, Emails, Texts, and Phone Lock.

Price: $69.99.



Take control of your life and protect your loved ones. From tracking messages, calls to the location, spy apps can do it all. Choose a spy app from our list that meets your requirements and follow the installation instructions. Then start tracking or monitoring someone’s phone without their knowledge.

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