How To Receive SMS Online From WhatsApp On PC

Only a few years ago instant messaging services were available for use only with mobile phones. They were created exactly for this purpose. But technologies don’t stay the same as time goes by and constantly develop. Nowadays it is also possible to use those services on a PC. There is nothing difficult about this process. However, it still takes using a mobile number to register or sign in with the created account. Often those who are going that way simply don’t have it or even a mobile phone at their disposal. This is not a big problem though. You can receive SMS online from WhatsApp with special temporary phone numbers.

Temporary numbers as a solution


Signing up for online services that require users to complete mobile phone number verification without actually using a personal phone number has been a big issue for many years. But temporary phone numbers fixed this. Nowadays every internet user who has no mobile number available or doesn’t want to use it due to one or another reason can sign up for any website or app that asks for its verification.

Temporary numbers were designed specifically for that purpose. Even though they are suitable for solving a wide list of various tasks, their main feature is to receive verification codes for registration from different platforms on the internet. They fit this requirement perfectly. Since temporary phone numbers don’t differ from real ones in their essence, it is possible to use them to sign up for literally any online service. However, the best thing about them is that they are available in every country on the planet.

Worldwide availability


There are many technological tools and solutions that are available only in certain countries. Sometimes users from other countries might use them with VPN which will be quite lucky because most often this method doesn’t help either. Temporary numbers don’t bring such a problem to the table. While being available for usage over the internet, they can be accessed from everywhere where it is possible to connect to the internet. You are free to do this with any device that has such a feature.

Moreover, there is nothing wrong with getting and using temporary phone numbers issued in different countries without changing location physically. For example, those who live in the United States can operate temporary numbers from Pakistan or even New Zealand. People from New Zealand and Pakistan also can use numbers from the United States. It works in both ways. There are no weather limitations or restrictions in this regard.

Complete privacy


One more significant advantage of temporary phone numbers is that they are completely private. It is especially important when using them for WhatsApp which makes those numbers popular among internet users who care about their confidentiality on the web. This instant messenger has the phone numbers of users visible by default which means that basically any fraudster or just person with bad intentions can use it once found for achieving their goals. You have to hide it manually on the settings page in order to avoid such situations.

But in the case of temporary numbers, there is even no need to hide anything. The main thing is that it is not necessary to provide any personal data when getting and using them. So it is impossible to associate such numbers with their users. However, even if it still somehow happens, temporary phone numbers are designed to receive only verification codes. No one can send to them random text messages as well as call them.

Receiving SMS from WhatsApp with a temporary number


First of all, in order to receive a verification code from WhatsApp with a temporary phone number, it is necessary to get one. SMS-Man provides an opportunity to do this in a few minutes.

You can choose from more than a hundred countries when it comes to selecting a country of the cellular carrier. In addition, there are available not only disposable but also long-term temporary numbers which will be useful if there is a need to switch accounts between devices. We will explain how to get a disposable number as it is the most popular choice:

  1. Proceed to the mentioned platform and sign up for an account.
  2. Use one of offered payment methods to replenish the balance of your profile.
  3. Select the country of the cellular carrier on the main page.
  4. Scroll the page to the section with supported online services and search for WhatsApp.
  5. Purchase a temporary phone number by pressing an appropriate button.

You will get a configured temporary number within the next second. It happens automatically. Now it is all ready to receive SMS from WhatsApp. There is no difference between its use and the use of regular mobile numbers at any stage of the process. So, to complete the intended task, copy the purchased temporary phone number and put it on the registration page on the app.

Once completed the previous step, submit the phone number and request a verification code. The code will arrive at the temporary phone number purchased earlier instead of your personal mobile phone number. Use this code to set up a new account.


Signing up for a profile on WhatsApp without using our own mobile number is nothing impossible these days. Temporary numbers give everyone opportunity is not their only purpose. You can use them from anywhere in the world. They are also a great solution for those users who want to ensure the best privacy possible on this service. Staying private is essential in the modern internet era.

Temporary phone numbers are also pretty affordable and don’t require spending a lot of money. Even though it depends on the country of issue, on average one number of this kind that is configured for registration on WhatsApp costs less than $1. This is several times cheaper than purchasing a new SIM card from a cellular carrier. So it is definitely a great tool that is worth using if there is a need to.

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