Best Us Cities for Working Remotely and Traveling in 2024

The United States of America is a large country to explore no matter what your intentions and background are. Natives and tourists are equally fascinated with the rich diversity the country has to offer both in terms of natural beauty and made-made wonders. It would take you years to see everything worth visiting, and even more time to bask in and enjoy the little things that always make us want to come back.

One of the most modern trends and ways to explore the world is through remote working. Thanks to the latest in technologies and the fact that we no longer need to go to the office in order to contribute, employees can enjoy their travels and work from anywhere. Being able to travel and still work is something unprecedented because working while you are vacationing beats the purpose of traveling. Or does it?

You have probably heard of the term “digital nomad” and know what it implies. For most office jobs, you only need internet access and a computer. Therefore, it matters not where you are. You can be in a faraway place and still log in, do your hours, and log out.

Why should the rest of your day (and life) be dull and boring if you can travel to another city like a tourist in the meantime? In this article we will check out what some of the best cities for working remotely and traveling are right now. Explore more destinations in the US on the travel blog – Travel The Food For The Soul –

San Francisco, California


The home of the Silicone Valley, San Francisco is arguably the most popular tech city on the planet. Most big tech companies, and others, have some sort of headquarters of offices within its borders. It is a popular tourist attraction, it is huge, welcoming, and diverse, and there is truly a lot to see, eat, and do. SF if definitely a fun place to be and there is something there that makes it different from other metropolises in the USA.

The only bad side is that rents are enormous and it is definitely not for everyone. Living there full time is not something anyone can do, especially not closer to the main parts of town. For traveling workers and tourists though, it is exactly the kind of place you want.

Los Angeles, California


Sunshine, beaches, celebrities, and parties. What is there not to like about LA? It is a cultural hub and the place where everyone wants to go at least once. No matter if you like tropical destinations, entertainment, sports, or food, LA has it all.

There is plenty of tech work to find, not that you need it because you will be working remotely, but it goes to show how much it is oriented towards the future and all the modern technologies we use. Most cafes are used by digital nomads anyway and the internet speed throughout the city is great so you will definitely not struggle to stay online.

Again, like with San Francisco, rent is a problem, but since you are only traveling while working, you should be fine.

New York City


The Big Apple is always the answer when you want to travel around the USA. The best part about what is arguably the most popular city in the world is the fact that everything you may need is right there on Manhattan Island.

All the famous sights, the best food and entertainment areas, the biggest shops, as well as housing is there. If you want to stay for a while, it would be better to look for a place in the suburbs, in Brooklyn, or in New Jersey. It is all considered to be a huge metropolitan area and a never-ending city anyway.

If you want to have something to do within an hour of your rented place whenever you finish work, there is nothing quite like NYC and all its glory.

New England


The cities, towns, and islands of New England are among the most popular destinations both for the native tourists and tourists from other countries.

Considered some of the most expensive places to visit and live, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Providence, and the rest of places in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont are picturesque, peaceful, and great for a working holiday.

Not everything has to be bustling with people and things to do all the time. Sometimes, all you need is some great seafood, a light breeze on the beach, lighthouses at every corner, and old colonial architecture to look at.

Remote Job Opportunities


In case you are looking for places that offer remote jobs, you will enjoy knowing that Yonkers, NY, Newark NJ, Jersey City, NJ, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Glendale, CA are the best places for that.

Not really the first choice for many, right now they have the most opportunities for people looking for new positions they can work at no matter where they are. On the other hand, Honolulu, HI, Laredo, TX, Lubbock, TX, Bakersfield, CA, and Corpus Christi, TX offer the lowest remote job opportunities.

Highest Internet Speed


You need strong connection in order to optimally perform your job remotely. If this is one of the most important things you require, make sure to go to either Frisco or McKinney in Texas. Moreno Valley in California is also in the top five, as are Peoria in Arizona and Tulsa in Oklahoma.

Lowest Rent and Living Costs


Home offices are the best kind of offices, because they are yours and you do not have to leave them! If you have always wanted to have yours, go to Montgomery, AL, Columbus, GA, or Shreveport, LA, since they offer the lowest home office rent. Akron, Ohio, and Memphis, Tennessee also offer surprisingly low rents.

When the cost of living is concerned, there is no better states than Texas and Tennessee. Brownsville and Laredo in TX and Memphis and Knoxville in TN have the lowest cost of living. The highest, on the other hand, are San Francisco, Fremont, CA, Honolulu, HI, San Jose, CA, and Irvine, CA.

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