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5 Main Benefits to Take Satellite Phone with You while Traveling in 2024

When it comes to staying connected and up to date with our friends and family on those long trips and travels, we sincerely rely on the smartphone. But the truth is that they don’t provide such marvelous service at reception and there are always issues regarding changing the sim card and stuff when the country of our stay or travel changes. That is why instead of relying heavily on the smartphones you should aim for the satellite phones; they don’t have consistent expenses as other smartphones and rely on the satellites for communication purposes.

  1. Keep in contact with your family everywhere you go

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The terrestrial towers can only power the smartphones and help you stay in contact with your friends and family when abroad. But with the help of satellite phones, your coverage for the reception can be increased to the whole planet. A satellite phone doesn’t rely on the terrestrial towers to power it up as it draws its communication power from the satellites roaming above the earth. Therefore, wherever you go you will always be able to stay connected with your friends and family via Canada Satellite  and can ring them up whenever you want

Suppose that you are on a trip to Europe and not having any connection with your family back at home what you need to do? You would have to buy a smartphone that comes with access to local European networks and a sim card that is also unlocked for European regions. This would incur you almost 200-400 euros easily and for what good reason? You are possibly going to use it for the entirety of the trip and then the phone, as well as sim card, will have no use for you whatsoever. Therefore, it is advised that you buy or invest your finances in something smarter which is to buy a satellite phone.

Not only it doesn’t require extraterrestrial tower support to power up but also doesn’t require an external sim card to work with. It is more like a plug and play system, you can use it anywhere in the world and after you are done with your trip simply take it with you to the next one without having to buy new mobile phones and sim cards and burning your money on useless things which you can easily use to afford other travel expenses.

  1. Use for emergency contact

Suppose you are going to engage yourself in some hefty exercise while abroad such as going to take a detour of the forest that you always wanted to go, spend a few days on an island with friends or for instance climb a sketchy hill in snowy areas. You should not give away the temptation that you shouldn’t go on these areas just because you won’t have a bailout package if you lose connection with the outside world. Here a satellite phone can come extremely handy, during any emergency you can contact police, fire department or other medical assistive organizations to come to your aid instantly in case of any emergencies.

When traveling to such locations where the crime rate is a little higher you can plunge into any type of emergency whatsoever. It could be that your luggage is stolen, you are harmed during a road accident or any other medical emergency that befalls you. What would you do then? You don’t know the language of the region and have no bondage with the locales, of course, they will toss you in a hospital for sure but who would inform your family back at home or your insurance company to pay for the expenses incurred? Having a satellite phone with you in these situations is a lifesaver, not only it can save you from such dire experience but also keep you going into a loop of communication with the right authorities to set things straight.

  1. Go exploring without any reception issues

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Some of us love to explore nature and are so amused by the thought that we would travel off t distant lands, forests or even mountains to be close to it once again. This can be really troubling for our loved ones and family as they won’t have any mode of communication with us due to poor reception on mobile phones. But with the help of the satellite phones, you can always stay connected and hustle to travel to distant locations.

  1. Much wider coverage

With the help of the satellite phones, you can increase your overall reception coverage, unlike cell phones you will not be left at the mercy of border to border reception. Take it anywhere and start linking with your family members or friends at home. Not only this but the overall coverage of the satellite phones in places with the signal issue is extraordinary, where mobile phones don’t work your satellite phone will be buzzing and humming all day long.

  1. Easy to use

Some people don’t want the excessive nerves of dealing with complicated stuff while traveling abroad, they try to take with them only those things that are extremely convenient and easy to use. The same goes for satellite phones, they provide ease of access just about from anywhere, have excellent cell reception, and very easy to use. Many satellite phones come with a detailed manual that can be used for the sake of convenience and setting up the satellite phone for international use.

It also comes with dedicated accessories that are simple to use and offers a plug and play approach. You can learn to use the satellite phone in a single day and get on with this cherishing experience to any trips taken abroad every back and forth.


These benefits of using the satellite phone can come handy when you are a dedicated explorer and want to explore every region of the world. It can be easily used just about in every country and comes with no extra expense but of buying batteries and other accessories from time to time only when they wear out.


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