GSM Phones and Satellite Phones: Which Should You Get?

These days there are all kinds of wireless gadgets roaming the markets. Wireless communication, wireless directional guides, and all kinds of gadgets to do just about anything you can imagine. Take for example the GSM phone satellite or cellular and satellite phone systems.

The satellite phone services can be classed as an artificial satellite telephone system and work by using low orbiting satellites that provide the links for that communication. Satellite phones allow us to connect from the most remote places on the globe.

GSM is designed to work on all cell phones and all satellite phones. All you need to do is switch the SIM card for the GSM-card. The trick is that some networks lock the phone they sell to you so that you cannot access the GSM.

More About GSM Phones


Many lock the phone to their network so that you can’t just decide to join another network. They treat you like they own you and that isn’t going to work because rebellion is just around the corner. They do this by locking your SIM card to the phone which means no other SIM card will work in it. But what happens when you want to switch networks?

What if you aren’t happy with the network you are at or another network offers a better plan? What if you don’t want to switch carriers’ just plans because they’ve got a better one on the market now? Or maybe you just want to switch SIMs because you are traveling overseas?

All GSM phones are unlocked when they are manufactured so that they can be used with a SIM or with the GSM service. Sadly it’s the network suppliers that lock the phones electronically forcing you to use only their service and then to pay extremely high roaming charges if you leave the service area. A real rip off wouldn’t you say?

Great news! This lock can be removed. All you need is the password and it’s unlocked. GSM is a digital mobile phone service that in the USA is CDMA but in other parts of the world, it is GSM. For you, as the user of the phone, there is no difference. But yet the two systems are not compatible with each other.

In contrast, many satellite phones by nature are double programmed so that you never have to worry about unlocking or any of that foolishness.

Your satellite phone will search for first a GSM network and if that isn’t available it will then switch to the satellite system.

It’s by far a better choice then cellular for anyone that travels a lot and spends a great deal of time outside of your cellular network area. In the long run, a GSM phone satellite may be far more affordable. It may not seem it in the short term but over time you’ll recognize a great amount of savings.

Technology has changed dramatically from just a decade ago and there’s a good chance that we’ll see more dramatic changes. One of those just might be the standardization of communication using GSM. For those that have a dual GSM phone satellite system already that just means you are that far ahead of the game.

Satellite Phone Systems in Canada


Satellite communication allows us to utilize both voice and data communication and this communication is available around the entire globe with no mountain range or ocean interfering with its ability.

The satellite phone coverage can incorporate the entire globe as mentioned or it can be just a certain country or region depending on the system.

Today’s satellite phones are similar in weight and size of the cellular phones in the 1980s. You can find some of the latest satellite phone models on AmericanSatellite’s blog page to get a feel of what satellite phones look like and what they do.

LEO or low globe area is a method that has used the planet to engineer a satellite service that could link the entire planet together. The biggest benefit of using a satellite service is that you can render a universal domain that has no interruptions. LEO satellites don’t just provide satellite communication.

They provide a host of other services. There are several actual satellite phone service providers but one of the leaders is GlobalCom who offers a variety of satellite products and services. They are a popular choice for the northern areas of Canada and remote areas.

Immarsat is another satellite provider that has reliable communication including high-speed data transfer, fax services, as well as several added features.

They have three frequency bands – L Bands, Big LEO, and 2 GHz.

Satellite phones are becoming a lot more affordable than they were just a few years ago and they are the obvious choice for areas that don’t have cellular coverage such as the northern parts of Canada.


Many find themselves working in remote areas such as in northern Canada – excavation, engineers, miners, forestry workers, and a host of other individuals may find themselves thousands of miles away from the nearest phone service and these people must have some method of communication especially if there is an emergency. That’s where satellite phones have become so popular because you can quickly and easily communicate with the rest of the world with a satellite phone.

Many people are in dangerous environments and need to have a way of communicating with the outside world such as the military, secret services, and even the media – they can find themselves out of touch with the outside world and their Global satellite phone can keep them in touch. In times of danger or life-threatening situations, your satellite phone isn’t a luxury it’s a must.

In the most northern parts of Canada, a lot of scientific research related to global warming goes on and satellite phones are the only form of communication available to these scientists and their teams. Now that you’ve had a comprehensive satellite phone Canada overview you are in a better position to understand just how important satellite phones have become.

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