When Should You Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

You take your automobile in for frequent tune-ups to ensure that it remains fit to drive. You go to the gym on a regular basis to keep in shape. Your aircon system, like everything else, requires regular maintenance, particularly as the hot summertime approaches.

The ideal time to have your air conditioner serviced is in the springtime. There are several explanations for that, which we will go over in-depth later, but one of the most important is that you need to have your air conditioning units ready before the seasons when you’ll use them the most.

Continue reading to find out when and how regularly you should get your air con serviced, as well as some useful scheduling and upkeep suggestions.

When Should Your Air Con Be Serviced?


A reputable aircon provider with over 18 years of expertise claims that your aircon system can help you live peacefully in humid and hot weather. This level of convenience must not be risked by air conditioning unit failure. The regularity with which you get your ac system serviced is determined in part by how often you use it. If you are using your device all year round, getting it repaired at least two to three times annually can be worthwhile. If you’re using it rarely or just in the summer time, you should get it professionally cleaned once every year.

Generally, it is advised that you service the ac unit at least yearly. It’s the exact same with your heating unit. Although frequent check-ins and maintenance during the year are generally a great idea to ensure your unit is functioning well, a yearly aircon service session is always necessary. Annual aircon service will help you get the most out of your time, money, and your AC device’s lifespan and safety.

Air Conditioner Maintenance by Professionals

Professional air conditioning service is an essential component of homeownership. As an owner, you can do a lot of stuff yourself, but you need to hire an expert for your annual Ac tune-up. Skilled Ac technicians have the knowledge and skills to keep your device working for the coming years. Continue reading to understand all you need to know about expert air conditioning service for your house.

Save Money by Servicing Your AC


Many Aircon owners prefer to skip routine maintenance in order to cut costs, but they end up paying more in the long term. Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your air conditioner; especially a few years more life is valuable when a purchase for a new AC can cost hundreds of dollars.

Regular maintenance also guarantees that your air conditioner is operating at maximum performance. The temperature in your home or office will be cool, and your energy expenses will be cheaper. Regular maintenance allows you to detect and resolve minor faults before they are much major (and more costly) ones.

When Should Aircon Service Be Scheduled?

To keep your device functioning efficiently, you’ll need to get it serviced on a regular basis, at least once a year. On the other hand, when is the optimum time to get your ac unit serviced?

As already said, the optimum time to arrange aircon service is in the early spring. The weather is hot enough to use your air conditioner without concern, and you have a variety of options for making a visit with a skilled Ac technician. Companies frequently provide discounts in the spring because it is their off-season. Visit here to look out for the offers for the most up-to-date deals and information.

Why not in the winter season?

The Winter season isn’t a good time for Aircon maintenance in Singapore. In fact, throughout the wintertime, we don’t advise using your ac unit at all. As your air conditioner contains oil, it can not function correctly in cold weather.

In fact, you risk causing damage to your device, which is exactly what you want to prevent. Instead of worrying about your air conditioning in the winter, concentrate on remaining warm inside till springtime.

Why not in the summer months?

Many people believe that the optimum time to plan AC repair is early summertime. And besides, you need it to be in great condition for the summertime, right? Sadly, the schedules of many companies are busiest throughout the summertime, so you will have to fight for availability. It’s why, to avoid a summer Ac failure, it’s best to be ahead of the game with regular maintenance soon before any harsh weather arrives.

Time of Service


A typical yearly or bi-annual Ac service visit lasts between 1-2 hours; however, this can differ greatly based on a variety of factors. These considerations include the sort of air conditioner you use, the size of your property, and the time from your previous tune-up. Based on the nature and amount of maintenance, it may take more time. Ensure a comfortable and efficiently cooled home by getting professional AC services – click here to schedule reliable maintenance and repairs today.

What should be included in Aircon Service?

You may be aware that an annual Aircon service is necessary, but you are still not sure what that service includes. The following items should be included in the yearly service:

• Inspecting the blower
• Examining the motor
• Checking the drainage pipe
• Examining the operating pressures
• Cleaning coils
• Testing temperatures
• Evaluating the amount of refrigerant in the system
• Inspecting supply lines
• Examining the compressor.
• Examining the coil fins.

Ensure that your air conditioning firm thoroughly inspects all of the above throughout the yearly service. Aside from an annual aircon service, there are a few steps you can do to ensure that your ac system runs well.

It is recommended that the air filters be cleaned after two weeks. As a result, there will be no decrease in energy efficiency. Because there are many kinds of filters, and also clogs varies on how frequently you use it, contact your air conditioning professional which one to choose.

Certain filters can be washed and reused, while others must be replaced. If cleaning the filters after two weeks isn’t practicable, perform it at least monthly.

Aircon service by yourself


If you want to perform simple maintenance on your ac system yourself, that’s OK as long as you’re careful and know what you’re doing. If you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, don’t try to make adjustments or repairs to your device since you can break it much more. When dealing with your air conditioner, make sure it is unplugged and that no electricity is being supplied to it since you can actually kill yourself. When dealing with electronic devices, keep the electricity off at all times.

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