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Serviced Apartments vs. Hotels: Which is Better?

When choosing between a serviced apartment and a hotel, you may find yourself wondering which is better, or perhaps even what the difference is. We’re here to clear things up – read on to go over which is better out of serviced apartments and hotels in all the important areas, and which you should stay in on your next trip.

Firstly, let’s talk about space

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It’s important that when you’re traveling, whether for business or leisure, you have your own space to kick back, relax and unwind in. If you’re looking at space, there’s a clear winner here – the serviced apartment beats the hotel room by a mile. This makes sense, of course. With a serviced apartment, you have a lot more facilities – a kitchen, a dining table, a sitting area – so, of course, you’re going to have more space. But it’s not just a little amount – in fact, on average, you’ll find 30% more space in a serviced apartment than a hotel room.

It can be argued that not only is there more space in a serviced apartment, but also more useful space. With a hotel room, you simply have a bedroom and a bathroom, but you can do so much more in a serviced apartment. This is particularly useful for those on business trips, as you can spread out your things and create a workspace that’s separate from your bedroom, giving you a much easier and more efficient experience. So, round one to serviced apartments – next!

What about the facilities?

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It’s also important to consider the kind of things not only that you can do, but also that you either want or need to do. So, what sort of facilities do each offer? With a hotel, you’ll find the facilities aren’t bad – you have a regular cleaning service, a bar, restaurant, and possibly gym on sight, a minibar depending on your price range… pretty good! However, a serviced apartment, like the ones at, offers this – and more. With a serviced apartment, you also have access either to your own washing machine and tumble drier or communal facilities nearby. 

You can also find yourself with access not only to kitchen equipment but to a dishwasher, meaning there’s no need to spend time washing up after yourself. You’ll also find free Wi-Fi as a standard, and potentially the option to rent office equipment such as printers. The only thing a serviced equipment lacks that a hotel has is a regular cleaning service – it certainly has maid service, but it’s not quite as frequent as a hotel. This may appear a bad thing, but it’s done for a reason – this is so you can get on with your daily life and do things in your apartment without being interrupted suddenly. If it really bothers you, you can request for it to be more frequent, so there’s no need to worry. So, really, this drawback turns into quite an attractive feature!

How do you keep your stomach satisfied?

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Any good trip can be ruined by terrible food – so when looking at any options for staying away, you’ll want to consider what you can find that will satisfy your stomach. Hotels aren’t bad here – most will offer room service, meaning you can order whatever menu takes your fancy and have it delivered right to your room. There’s often usually a restaurant or bar on site too, meaning you have access to other decent options if you’re looking for something else.

However, this has its downsides. If you’re staying for longer than a few days, you’ll start to find yourself running out of options on the room service menu. There’s nothing worse than repetitive food, and you might start to long for some real, homemade food. The other downside is that if you’re eating room service or even visiting the restaurant every night, you’re going to find yourself spending a whole lot more money than you need to and hurting your physical health. There must be a better option, right?

Well, yet again, serviced apartments steal the show. You have everything you get with a hotel – room service at your fingertips, and often, a restaurant or bar on-site or at the very least, nearby. But you also have your own kitchen facilities – we’re not just talking microwave (although, of course, that’s certainly there), but an oven, a fridge (All info about the convenient fridge for your apartment you can find at Pixel Fridge. ), a hob, even a kettle – whatever you need to be able to make some really good, but also nutritious food. In fact, you don’t just get the basic kitchen foundations; you also get utensils, pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery – everything is made as easy as possible for you, and all you need to do is add the ingredients. This is good, not only for eating healthier food but also eating quicker food – perfect for those in a rush or those with a busy schedule.

What’ll it cost you?

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Money, money, money – that’s what most things come down to today. So, which is going to be more expensive? It may come as a surprise, but yet again, it’s serviced apartments. How does this work, you might be thinking? Well, let’s get into the maths of it. For one night, you’ll end up paying about the same for both a hotel and a serviced apartment. The difference is that, with a hotel, you’ll pay a flat rate per night – that is, you’ll be paying the same rate each night. With serviced apartments, it’s different – usually, you’ll find pricing is done on the length of stay, meaning if you stay for longer, you’ll save more money. Since most trips are going to last longer than a day, it’s clear you’re going to end up saving yourself a bit of cash. This tells us that not only are you going to be saving money by opting for a serviced apartment, but you’re also going to be getting a better deal, and getting better value than if you were to choose a hotel room. 

It’s clear from here that serviced apartments are the winners; so, on your next trip, why not give it a try?

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