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All You Need to Know About the A5X Max Android 9.0 TV Box

Nowadays, the popularity of TV boxes is increasing rapidly and more and more people are choosing to make them a part of their home entertainment center. They enable a user to turn any TV into a smart one and include a variety of options and benefits. They are mostly used for streaming but offer other benefits as well, such as installing apps that can be used for various purposes from listening to music, creating documents, to checking the weather. The operating system that is used the most for them is Android and the A5X Max is one of the first that comes with a 4GB RAM. So here are some things to know about this device, as well as Android TV boxes in general.

What It Is

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 To put it simply, it is a small media center that when connected to a TV enables users to watch movies and TV shows, as well as play games. They also offer other benefits such as web surfing, installing and using apps, and much more, although they are primarily used for streaming by most people.

How It Works

It is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable and to the internet either by wired Ethernet or a WiFi connection. If your router is near your television, it is always better to connect the box straight to it, but if you have no other option than to use WiFi, consider using boosters.

The units come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. Many manufacturers such as VISSONTECH constantly introduce better hardware and you can find a wide range of units from low-cost budget ones to high-end units that are equipped with the fastest hardware.

What It Can Do

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Google created the Android operating system mainly for phones, but since it runs on ARM processors it can be implemented in any device that uses the same hardware. Unlike smartphones, Android TV boxes offer more benefits such as better input and output options, the usage of remote control, keyboard, mouse, and much more.

While streaming is their most popular usage, they can do almost anything a standard computer can, but come at a cheaper price. Using the Android operating system enables you to install apps from the Google Play Store, meaning that you can even browse through your social media accounts on your TVs screen.

The A5X Max TV Box

The unit is a great choice if one is looking for a smooth experience while watching videos or playing games, due to its RK3328 quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU. The display definition is extremely high thanks to its 4K Ultra HD resolution and you can download, keep, and enjoy whatever you like because it is equipped with a 4GB RAM and 32 GB ROM.

Design – It is made from black ABS plastic with a piano finish to enable keeping a low price tag. It has a variety of ports such as an SD card reader and 3 USB ports on one side, HDMI, AV, a SPDIF port, LAN, and another USB port at the back, and an IR sensor on the front.

Main Features – Besides the hardware mentioned above, it supports the newest Android 9.0 operating system and also supports 3D. The device also comes with a built-in 2.4 GHz WiFi and supports 10/100M standard RJ-45 Ethernet LAN and Bluetooth. The unit also has a 5.1 surround sound output to maximize your listening experience.


There are many great advantages to making one of these units a part of your home entertainment center. Almost all of them are completely different and offer different features, so if you are considering getting one but are unsure of what the best choice is, reading reviews about boxes that are within your budget, skill set, and home setup might be the easiest way to make a choice.

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