Hair Straightening vs Hair Smoothing – 2024

Every woman wants straight and sleek hair because they look gorgeous of course as well as easy to handle. Straight hair can be settled into different hair does easily than curly hair type. They are hard to manage and maintain.

That’s why everyone wants their hair to be straight and sleek so they look gorgeous all the time. This is the reason everyone is after a hair straightening instruments and devices. But now there are treatments and methods available which smooth your hair strands instead of straightening them. Such treatments not only make your hair smooth but also look sleeker and shinier.

Before going for straightening or smoothing, you need to know about both the methods in detail. Let’s discuss them in-depth.

What is Hair Straightening?


Hair straightening is a very popular method for getting sleek hair. There are basically 2 common methods of hair straightening including temporary and permanent. Temporary hair straightening is done with electric heating plates, tongs or combs. They are available under different renowned brand names. It doesn’t take much longer with these tools. The results of this straightening last until you wash your hair.

On the other hand, permanent straightening also known as Japanese Straightening involves chemicals that straighten your hair permanently. This is one of the new forms of straightening. Chemicals used in the process weaken and break the keratin bonds of curly hair. The heat used in the process stretches and restructures the bond. Thus your hair completely gains the new shape and become permanently straight.

How does Permanent Hair Straightening work?


Chemicals used in this process are called alkaline straighteners. These contain 1-10% concentration of either Sodium Hydroxide, Lithium Hydroxide or Calcium Hydroxide. These chemicals are called alkaline because they have high pH value which helps open up cuticles. Thus absorbed in the hair fibers, they react with keratin and break them down to restructure them. Processed hair becomes permanently straighten until new hair growth.

Everyone with a coarse and kinky hair type can go for the procedure. The procedure can be repeated after 8-12 months depending upon the need.

Cons of Permanent Hair Straightening:

  • Chemicals used in the process can damage your scalp so be careful while applying them on the hair strands. We suggest you to apply some petroleum jelly on the scalp line to prevent any damage
  • Heating can cause hair burn and breakage
  • Hair may lose their strength and original texture
  • Your hair may become frizzy, weak or may lead to hair fall as well. other side effects involve dandruff and graying of hair too soon

Hair Smoothing:

The procedure is also sometimes known as hair straightening. But this is quite a different method and has temporary results. It also involves chemicals usually called formaldehyde which is applied on the hair strands. According to, the chemical is dried out by using flat iron thus the chemical locks in the hair strands and make them straight. The difference between permanent straightening and smoothing is that the chemicals used in this procedure are less damaging. They are not that strong the way used in permanent straightening. One of the famous forms of this treatment done is called Brazilian Keratine Treatment.

Results for this treatment last for about 2-5 months. But the treatment doesn’t work well for kinky and too curly hair. Most of the time, it is only used to deal with the frizz.

Cons of the Treatment:

  • Formaldehyde can possibly cause burning in the eyes, nose and mouth. Other side effects might include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and even rashes
  • Serious problems may include the risk of asthma

Hair Smoothing better than Hair Straightening; How?


There are many reasons to choose hair smoothing over hair straightening.

Firstly not everyone wants their hair to be dead straight all the time.

Secondly, the choice of treatment also depends on the condition of your hair.

Another reason to select hair smoothing is that it is less damaging and can be used on all hair. Whether you have dyed, streaked or bleached hair, it works on them. It makes your hair look soft.

While hair straightening causes more damage to the hair. It changes the structure and building of the hair. It can ruin your original texture and built your hair. So they become weak afterward.

Hair Straightening better than Hair Smoothing; How?

Normal frizz and wavy hair can be easily treated with hair smoothing treatment. But extremely curly hair cannot be treated with such procedure. They need some extra effort in terms of strong chemicals. This can only be done with hair straightening treatment.

While on the other hand hair smoothing only settles the frizz and turns very curly hair into waves. But most of the people don’t want this. So, in this case, hair straightening will be preferred choice rather than simple smoothing.


One thing you need to keep in mind is that whether you have any allergy or reaction to chemicals. We will suggest you to go and see a dermatologist prior taking any hair treatment to prevent any problem.

Final Choice:

Depending upon the choice and need, you can choose the method. All you need to be clear about

  • Do you want temporary or permanent straight?
  • Are you looking for dead straight hair or just a natural wave?
  • Do you want to deal with the frizz only?

Tips for Hair Maintenance


Here we have a few tips to maintain your hair if have gone through any of the procedures;

  • You need to wash your hair with silicon-based shampoo. Other products used for hair must also have silicon in them
  • Try to massage your hair once a week with coconut oil. It controls the damage
  • Keep your hair hydrated. Use hair masks and leave-in conditioners so that hair can be moisturized well
  • Try to avoid hair styling tools. avoiding too much heating

Whatever method you go for, keep that in your mind that both methods involve chemical and can be equally damaging for the hair. All you need to do is to take care of your hair properly. Moisturize them, keep them hydrated. Hopefully, the difference between both treatments will be all clear now. For more help, go visit It has all you want to know about beauty and cosmetic products.

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