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Eva Green’s Net Worth 2024 – Personal Life, Career and Earnings

Even though this actress and model hasn’t had a big number of roles in movies or TV shows, whenever she has done it it has been recognized as impressive work. One of her admired roles is most certainly the one she had in “Casino Royale”. Keep reading the text below to find out the facts about Eva Green’s personal life, career, and earnings.

Personal life

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The full name of this model and actress is Еvа Gаëllе Grееn, and she was born in Paris, France, on July 6, 1980. An interesting fact about her is that she has a twin sister who was born only a few minutes after Eva, her name is Joy Green. Her mother and father are Marlene Jobert and Walter Green. Her mother’s profession is acting, singing and writing. Her father is a dentist. She is not the only celebrity in her family, in fact, she has a famous aunt who is an actress – Marika Green, her cousins that are singers and actresses – Elsa Lunghini and Josephine Jobert.

She was raised in three countries, France, England and Ireland. She attended the American School of Paris and after that, she moved on to the St. Paul Drama School. Apart from that she also did one course at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Eva Green has stated that she and her twin sister are not very similar. Besides that, she also said that she not really going out kind of girl and that she prefers spending her free time resting at home. As far as we know she has not had any marriages. What we know is that she has been involved with a French actor Yann Claassen and an actor from New Zealand, Marton Csokas. There are also people that believe that she is dating the famous writer, director, producer, animator and artist – Tim Burton.


Similar to many people in the acting industry, Eva Green started out by doing small parts in theater and stage productions. Her first role in a film was in the movie “The Dreamers”, where she had the lead role. There were some parts of her first movie that were considered not likable and even though she was advised not to take the part she still did it and has stated that she was happy about it.

Her big breakthrough was her role in the movie “Casino Royale” in which she acted alongside the great actor Daniel Craig. The horror-comedy “Dark Shadows” was her other important role, her co-star was none other than Johnny Depp but also many other famous actors. She also got good reviews for roles in movies like “300: Rіѕе оf аn Еmріrе” аnd “Міѕѕ Реrеgrіnе’ѕ Ноmе fоr Ресulіаr Сhіldrеn”. She won a couple of rewards for her acting in the TV series “Penny Dreadful”.

Throughout her career, Eva Green has managed to acquire several awards for her acting. For her role in Casino Royale she won not one, but two awards. One was the Empire Award for Best Female Newcomer and the other one was the British Academy Film Rising Star Award. Besides that, she won awards for her roles in Penny Dreadful. She won the IGN Summer Movie Award for Best TV Actress and the Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best TV Actress.

Her Net Worth

Her net worth as of today is estimated at $10 million. Most of her wealth was earned throughout her acting, modeling and also doing promotions. Her movies Casino Royale, 300: Rise of an Empire and Dark Shadows all made hundreds of millions of dollars.

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