Wedding Guest Hairstyles in 2024 – Top 10 Easy Ideas

While the bride and her party obviously have a lot to plan in respect of dresses, styles, accessories and wedding hairstyles. There are some other members of the marriage celebration that need to care for their looks, and these are the guests. As overlooked as they might be, wedding guests also have to show up at the event looking beautiful.

This is why we have dedicated this page to wedding guest styles, for all of the looks a female guest can consider before attending any nuptials. From hairstyles for mother and sisters of the bride to other members of the extended family and friends. Whether you will be attending a formal or informal event, here are 10 styles for going to a marriage event that you can choose from.

Top 10 Lovely Wedding Guest Hairstyles

1. Sleek Chignon


The people at Weeding Forward tell us that If you’re looking for wedding guest hairstyles for long tresses, then this style of classic glamor might be just the thing. This timeless and sleek chignon is one updo that is always trendy in nuptial season. Its vintage vibe and simplicity make it even more beautiful for long-haired guests.

2. Pin Curls


Another vintage hairstyle that is great for weddings is the pin curl, from the 1940s. An Alternative to the usual modern look, this is another that will work for women with long, but not extensively long locks. A stronghold spray will ensure that the curls stay in place for the duration of the event.

3. Messy Bun and Crown Braid


If you are searching for medium length hairstyles for wedding guests, try the braided crown bun. While medium-length curls can be troublesome to style, this is one look that makes things quite easy. Being a messy bun, it doesn’t have to look perfect. The head is crowned with a thick braid, while the hair is gathered into a cute, but messy bun. Even more adorable for girls with stubborn locks.

Wearing a veil will go with this hairstyle. It’s good to match your veil with a matching tiara to give a little glitter. Wedding dress style is a significant factor in deciding on the kind of bridal jewelry you’ll wear.

To go with your crown braid, choose modern and minimalist jewelry if you want something new. For example, a cuff bracelet, some diamond stud earrings or a diamond pendant will do justice to your look. You will learn more about it from CleanOrigin.

4. Fancy Braided Mohawk


If you need a hairstyle for a wedding guest that is not so traditional as the rest, then consider this faux hawk glamor. It’s a gorgeous and edgy style that combines a faux hawk top with small side braids. It’s a truly fun updo, and one that will definitely cause you to stand out, but in a good way.

5. Curled Updo


This curled updo is one that will have girls with thick tresses rejoicing. The style is easy to achieve, with a fancy finish that is worth the effort. Gather the curls into a high updo, with the front of the hair sleek and straight. Girls with shorter or less thick locks can achieve this with a hairpiece. If you have 4c hair and want to achieve a straight look, consider professional flat irons designed for African American hair. It’s recommended to read TheVenusFace’s reviews of flat irons before buying.

6. Asymmetric French Twist


Another one of our favorite styles for wedding guests medium length, these curves, the asymmetrical twist is great for guests who don’t like the severity of hair being pulled straight back. This French, side twist wraps around the head and ends resting at the nape of the neck. If you have medium hair that is at least shoulder length, you will love this style.

7. Curly Bun


One of our favorite styles to wear to a marriage union is the curly twisted updo. This bun is more effortless than laborious. It is also not pretentious and quite fancy. It’s the type of updo that any female wedding guest will love, but it is best for guests with long hair.

8. Wavy Tendrils


If you’re going for a timeless look, consider this cute wedding guest hairstyle. A curly half updo with bouffant and wavy tendrils. A simple and lovely look, you can pull a few locks into a twist around the bouffant, teasing the under a layer of the crown a bit. Curl the free locks with a barrel iron, and secure the bouffant with bobby pins.

9. Thick Mohawk Braid


This mermaid braid updo is great for thick hair and even more fun with deep dye colors. This mohawk braid is one thick inverted braid that is fun for a special occasion. If you are thinking colors, perhaps try magenta or mahogany for a truly special look.

10. Low Curly Updo


If you’re attending a country wedding or a casual or outdoor event, then consider this hairstyle for any guest. This low bun with its messy or curly side tendrils spells romantic and fun. A simple style that is easy to pull off and a good finish for that casual, celebratory look.

Lace front wigs are very suitable for trying wedding hairstyles, very natural, free styled.

These wedding guest hairstyles are great for many different types of celebrations and also outfits. From simple to classic, there is an unlimited amount of dos you can wear to celebrate the union of a couple.

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