10 Types of Bob Hairstyles

Every woman craves for a modern haircut that never gets old-fashioned. The bob hairstyle is one of them. You may feel interesting to know that this hairdo is quite trending from the mid-1920s. With time, many changes have been observed in this haircut. Many things are added and modified according to women’s preferences.

If you want to seek out a new hairstyle, then you must choose any one of the following hairstyles. In this write-up, you can discover a variety of this haircut and consider the suitable one according to your face. The main aim is to look amazing and gorgeous after taking a nice haircut. You can click here to follow the haircuts of your favorite celebrities. So, let us start with a variety of bob hairdos.

1. Egyptian Bob


It is one of the ancient and famous hairstyles, which is commonly known as Cleopatra haircut. If you do this style on your hair, then your cheeks, nose, and jawline will appear enhanced and sharp.

Any woman, who has a wide forehead can consider this hairstyle with fringes. If you have a narrow face or an angular jawline, then this is not suitable for you at all. It will look perfect on oval, round, or heart-shaped faces. Make sure that your hair must be straight to carry Cleopatra’s look in a better way.

2. Blunt cut Bob


It is also a gorgeous and preferable bob hairdo, to makes a woman confident and beautiful. Your hair must be straight and thick for the perfect look and feel. The length of the hair can be close or more than your chin area. It suits well on the women with round and oval-shaped faces. If you need a dynamic and different look, then you can consider this one.

3. A-line Bob


In this hairdo, your hair will be short from the backside and long in the front. The hair cut is done in an A-shape, which ranges from jaw-line to collarbone. There are no layers in the backside of the cut. Instead, it is a long bob cut with straight hair. This haircut looks good on all types of face shapes and hair textures. It is a modern and trending hairstyle, which is preferable among young ladies.

4. Mousse Bob


It is another modern bob hairstyle for curly, wavy and straight hair textures. It looks well on round, heart, and oval-shaped faces. You can also add some changes in this look by modifying the length and volume of your hair. Ladies in an age group 25 to 40 can prefer this hairstyle to look gorgeous and different. The mousse looks a little creative, and unique that looks perfect on all types of occasions.

5. Uneven Choppy Bobs


It is a modern bob hairstyle which looks very classy as well as sophisticated. The uneven layers give a fantastic textured finish. If you have highlighted or colored your hair, then you will look good in this hairstyle. It suits to those women who have soft and cute facial features. It can be best for straight to wavy hair and look good on oval, round, and heart-shaped faces.

6. Inverted Bob


If you want to have an enhanced and fluffy short hairstyle, then you can prefer this one. It boosts the bounce of your hair. The hair on your backside is generally shorter than in the front side. The bouncy and playful appearance makes hairstyle a bit messy and less manageable. Sometimes, you can choose such a haircut to look slightly different. Women with curly hair can prefer this style. It suits on faces with shape round and oval.

7. Sleek Bob


This bob cut is for straight hair, i.e., also called as collarbone lob. If any lady has sleek and very straight hair, then they can prefer this hairstyle. Remember that the hair length will be above your collarbone. If you have heavy face shapes like round or square, it gives a sleek and thin look. Do not choose this haircut if you have wavy or curly hair. Ladies in an age group from 20 to 30 can go with this hairstyle.

8. Soft Ringlet Bob


This bob hairstyle looks perfect in short hair. It makes your hair messy and naturally curly. It looks bouncy and playful, which every woman of an age group 20 to 30 can prefer. This haircut looks good on round and oval-shaped faces. If you have curly hair and you want to have short hair, then you can choose this hairstyle. If you want to have a party and a formal look, then it is the perfect choice for you.

9. Straight Fringe Layered Bob


It is another short bob hairstyle with fringes. It looks perfect on straight and wavy hair on oval and round-shaped faces. In this haircut, your forehead will be covered entirely under your hair. The blunt fridge comes over your eyebrows, which makes you look young. It makes you adorable and beautiful. If you want to have a classy and fashionable personality, then you can add this style.

10. Curly Bob


It is the best bob haircut for curly hair. The length of your hair is above your jawline and shoulder. One can easily manage this hairstyle. It looks more beautiful if you add more layers and volume. It looks perfect on round and oval-shaped faces. The fringes make you look a bit different and gorgeous. You can take suggestions from your hairdressers for adding fringes or layers in this haircut or not.

The Bottom Line

Bob haircut is one of the famous and modern hairstyles that many women prefer these days. If you want to try a new and trendy look, then you can choose any one of the bob styles, as mentioned earlier. You need to consider the shape of your face and hair texture.

After considering everything, you can choose a suitable bob hairstyle. A new and changed hairstyle will also change your personality and make you more beautiful and gorgeous. Try out new hairstyles and enhance your appearance and look completely different.

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