Ways to Increase Your Chance to Get Approved for a Nonimmigrant Visa

For people from foreign countries who would like to stay in the United States on short terms might consider getting or securing a tourist visa, which is also known as B1 or B2. Most people get this kind of visa if they would enjoy short term visits to friends and family and also for people who are traveling for business and pleasure as well.

There are other ways of getting a visa, depending on your needs and reason for getting one. According to Ashoori Law, there are options for people to get longer terms to stay visas and also visas that are provided based on your job and expertise.

Usually, people would want a sense of security by trying to know if they have better chances of getting approval for a visa application and how they can manage to get it faster. Some ways guarantee individuals to get it faster with a higher chance of approval, and we are listing some of it below.



Specific categories are considered if you are looking into getting a visa through an employer. Working or having a job in your home country does not guarantee you a pass in getting that visa quickly. However, Immigration Officers who do the interview would look into how your history of employment has been. Some of the things they would look in include your length of stay at your current job, any misdemeanor, or any unlawful act during your recent jobs. They would also be looking at your performance and also your current salary or take-home income.

Duration of Stay Requested


The duration of your requested stay in the United States will also be looked into by Immigration Officers. The questions to applicants sometimes focus on the reason you are applying for a green card or permanent residency or even if you are trying to get a tourist visa. Your response to this question could either make or break your luck in getting that pass to the United States.

Family and Family Responsibility


Immigration officers know how difficult it is for the elderly to live in the United States. For most older adults, it is a lonely life living alone or sometimes living away from your loved ones. It is not an absolute fact that using that family “Trump Card” can get you an easy yes with the immigration officers, but it can be a consideration.

You might be asked or requested to submit all necessary documentation about your family and your relative who is requesting you to be petitioned. They will be asking and establishing their decision if it is righteous to send you to the United States to look after elder relatives. Even help nurse ailing relatives would not get you an easy pass. The guaranteed way for you to get that green card is to establish proof and documentation that you are the best person to be sent there and take care of a family member.

Property and Assets


If a family member has to turn over her assets, and no family member is available in the United States, the US Citizen family member will be suggested to look. For all types of immigration applications, it is always best to have a consultation with Immigration lawyers. They can help provide you all the necessary things you would need to get a passing grade on that application.

Travel History


Immigration Officers are most likely to look at your travel history. You are in a good position if you have been traveling outside your own country and keeping good behavior in all the countries you have visited too. They might also look into your police records both locally and foreign police officers, although this is not always a standard.

Many people travel a lot outside their country to increase their chances of getting approved in a US Visa. This helps to establish a sort of financial capability to travel and live independently in the United States. This is not always guaranteed to work, but it ups your chances of getting a yes from the immigration officers.

Community Relationships and Participation


Immigration officers also look into your reputation as a part of your community. They wouldn’t want someone to be approved if they are going to cause trouble for their future communities back in the United States. They are showing documentation of your participation with community activities or civic and welfare events might up your chance at their approval. It might even help convince consular officers to feel that having you back in the United States would do your future community good.

Reason for Travelling


If you are traveling to the US for the short term, you have to demonstrate the reasons for immigration to believe you have strong ties with your own country. Express your willingness to come back after the short visit and do not have a plan of possibly staying longer than requested.

If you are planning to stay long terms and request for permanent residency, the immigration officers must see that you are very much willing to be part of the community and help it grow. Any hesitation in your reason for staying long terms will also cost you your chance to get that Green Card.


If you are planning to work in the United States and have a spouse or children, the immigration officers will look at the capacity for your dependents to support themselves in your absence. If you are the primary source of income in the household, then this can be very tricky for you. Immigration officers are more likely to approve individuals, and their families whom they believe can stand on their own. They would love the fact and see the fact that the dependents would not just rely on the money being sent back home from the United States.

Always pay attention when it comes to securing your application, requirements, and documents. Nothing is better for an individual applying for a permanent residency to show the immigration officers that you are an asset and not a liability.

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