5 Unique Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Getting the right gift for a friend or a family member is never an easy process. It gets even more complicated as every year passes by. You got him or her a good present last year, but what you do now? Well, if they are a coffee lover then things are getting much easier. There are so many unique things you can give to someone that loves coffee which means you won’t have any trouble finding the right present.

However, since there is so much stuff to pick from, finding the right thing can be a bit difficult for most. Should you get them a kettle, a cup, a grinder, or a coffee machine? These are probably some of the things that are going through your mind. To help you make the right decision, I’m going to list one of the more attractive ideas, to narrow down your options even though there are so many varieties of ideas that I wouldn’t even be able to fit them in this article.

Just don’t rush and make sure you give yourself enough time to think things through.

Custom-made cup


This is probably the simplest idea you can find on this list, but that does not mean it is not unique or special. Sure, a basic cup might not seem like an interesting item to your friend or a family member, but customizing it in your taste or style will make it a lot more unique.

Fortunately, these days, creating a custom cup is easier than ever, and you can click here for design inspiration. There are so many companies out there that can basically print anything you want on your cup. So, if you have an interesting design that your friend can relate to, I would suggest adding it to the cup.

Once it is done, you should probably put it in nice packaging to make it even a little bit more special. When the recipient sees this gift for the first time, I am sure they will be very happy and surprised. Even if the design is boring, I’m sure they will appreciate the time and effort you spent on customizing the cup.

Next time your friend rings a cup of coffee in the morning, he or she will always think of you.

Coffee maker


Assuming that you are working with a larger budget and you want to leave a much bigger impression, this is the perfect gift.

Many people these days underestimate the complicated process and techniques that are used to create a good cup of coffee. They think it is just a press of a button and that’s it. Although, that is kind of true because most machines these days work by just pressing a couple of buttons. However, I don’t think it is that basic and simple.

When you have your own advanced coffee maker, you have to spend time to learn it, you need to care for it and maintain it. The more effort you put into keeping your machine in working condition, the better coffee it will provide. This is the philosophy of many coffee enthusiasts and if your friend is one, I recommend getting him such a machine.

If you’re having trouble picking the right one, you should probably check out one of the many reviews that you can find online on websites such as Pick and Brew. Once you read through several reviews, I’m sure that you will be able to make the right decision and by the perfect machine.



So, your friend has a cup, a machine, but they still can’t make a cup of coffee. Why is that? Well, without the beans, they can do anything. The beans are probably one of the most important steps of every cup. There are so many different types of beans, you probably have no idea which ones you should pick.

But, since it is just a gift, it shouldn’t matter which type of beans you pick, right? Wrong. Assuming that you want your friend to get the best coffee experience ever than they deserve the best beans you can find. Some beans will cost just a couple of dollars for 100 grams while some will cost $100 for 100 grams.

Of course, you do not have to go all out and get the most expensive beans you can find, but it would be nice if you spend some time researching to find out which are the best ones. You should also consider the fact that flavor and taste is a huge factor when it comes to coffee enthusiasts. It would be best if you first ask your friend what kind of taste they prefer. With this newfound information, you will be able to make the right purchase of beans.

Milk frother


Have you ever been to a café where they serve latte or cappuccino with some interesting drawing made out of milk on the foam on top? Have you ever wondered how they managed to do this without ruining your drink? Well, this is because most cafés have specific equipment that can do exactly that. That equipment is called a milk frother. This device is not just for heating up the milk, it is used to create a thick and creamy foam.

So, if you want to really surprise your friend with a unique gift, you can get them a milk frother. With it, they will be able to make just as good lattes or cappuccinos like they do in cafés. It will also be able to master the latte art that many baristas like to do.

Measuring spoon


To perfect the process of making a good cappuccino, latte, or whatever your friend’s favorite coffee drink is, they will require a lot of precision. If you overdo on the ground beans, on milk, or on sugar, the drink will be ruined. Well, why not just get them a couple of measuring spoons to help them ensure that their morning drink will always be perfect.

There are so many more ideas I could mention, but I believe the ones I mentioned are one of the more unique ones, so I would suggest making a gift out of these five recommendations.

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