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Extensions Store – A Guide for Beginners

Before you visit a hair extensions store, there are certain things you should know. There are quite many factors you need to consider and these factors depend on your needs and the variety of products these stores offer. This article will guide you on a few tips you should consider before your next purchase.

Definition of a Hair Extensions Store

A hair extensions store refers to a market, shop or online platform that sells different extensions or weaves. These stores often sell a variety of weaves depending on color, texture, quality and raw material.

The most popular way to buy a weave today is to visit an online hair extensions store. Buying products directly from a brand’s website gives an assurance of high quality and quick delivery. Sometimes online vendors are not trustworthy, so most customers still prefer local shops or salons. Either is great, as long as they sell good products.

When to Visit an Extensions Store

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It’s risky to wake up one day and randomly spend your savings on a purchase for the sake of it. Wise spending calls for caution. On that note, it’s safe to say that you only buy weave bundles when you need them. There are different reasons we need extensions now and then.

Altering And Improving the Natural Hair

Altering our mane is often the intention we have when we buy weaves. Wearing extensions is often an improvement on our natural hair. There are two ways weaves alter or improve the state of our natural tresses.

By Adding Volume

Weaves, clip-ins, tape-ins, and other varieties of extensions often add volume to the natural hair. Some people may have low hair density and require voluminous weaves like curly wefts. These products give you a better look and serve as a protective style.

By Adding Length

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When your strands are short, it is reasonable to buy artificial tresses. An extensions store offers a variety of lengths to choose from. Some individuals may also purchase shorter lengths, to change their looks. The easiest way to add length to natural hair is by purchasing weaves.

Health Issues and Genetics

Many individuals experience early balding, thinning, and hair loss due to certain diseases. These attributes are part of genetics as well, especially when considering cases like balding. Sometimes, genetics and health issues have nothing to do with it. Thinner hair density can also be due to excessive use of chemicals on the strands. Getting an extension is temporary but it is a beneficial way to solve these problems.

For Special Occasions

It’s normal to look better when you have an event on your schedule. One of the reasons hair extensions are popular in places like Hollywood, is due to the number of events. Weaves are perfect for achieving any hairstyle or aesthetic. The extensions store offers different natural types, textures, and colors. With a variety, it’s easy to pick a weft that goes with the special occasion you wish to attend.

Factors to Consider Before Visiting an Extensions Store

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You may have many reasons to purchase hair extensions. However, to make the right decision it is best to consider some things.


There are different types of weaves in an extensions store. Each product has a price. Depending on the vendors or brands, some products are very pricey and others are cheap. While it’s necessary to buy high-quality products for their durability, it’s not advisable to make any purchase higher than your budget. You may think it wise to spend your entire savings on a product because of its quality, but it’s not. Pick an extension that’s suitable to your budget. When making any purchase, always ensure you have enough savings left for basic needs. Never be too desperate to buy a product because everyone is crazy about it. Understand your scale of preference and compare it to your budget. If you can afford an expensive hair extension, go for it. If you can’t afford pricey ones, buy a cheaper product.

The Type of Product

There are various types of extensions. Curly, wavy, straight, and kinky textures are available in many stores. Hair extensions also differ by quality and installation methods. Knowing the product you want will also help you make an estimate that works with your budget.


The higher the quality of a weave, the higher the price. If you desire cheaper options, you can go for synthetic wefts. However, they have low durability and look nothing like your natural tresses. Human hair has better durability and versatility. However, it is expensive.

Installation Method

The installation technique of any weave will also help you determine your best option in an extensions store.

Semi-Permanent Extensions

Clip-ins, Tape-ins, and Wigs are semi-permanent products. You can only wear these products for a short period of time. Their installation method is safe and maintenance is easy. They are also very affordable.

Permanent Extensions

Sew-ins and I-tips are typical examples of permanent products. You can wear these extensions for a long time. They have very high durability. Durability depends on the raw material. They are often pricey.

Your Natural Hair

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It is necessary to consider your hair before you visit an extensions store. A natural-look is the first priority of any hair expert. To achieve this, your extensions should blend with your natural hair. So, before purchasing a weave, know your hair type.


You should be able to tell if you have straight, curly, kinky or wavy strands. This characteristic will help you determine the wefts you need. If you have a kinky mane, buy kinky wefts. If you have waves, wavy weaves will work for you. Always buy weaves that are similar to your natural texture. Especially when getting clip-ins, tape-ins or microlinks.


The color of your hair also plays a role in determining the weave you need from the extensions store. Look closely at your strands and understand the colors that work best for you. Sometimes it’s fun to go for colors different from our natural mane. In such cases, it’s better to purchase colored high-quality wefts. With high-quality weaves, you’ll be able to maintain a natural look.


You need to know your hair’s length before purchasing manes. When you want to buy weft bundles, you can always purchase the length the store indicates. However, knowing the exact length is tricky for clip-ins, tape-ins, and I-tips.

Measure your hair length from the center of your head and your crown. This method will help you calculate how much length you need when buying extensions.

The tips in this article give you an idea of everything you need to know before buying weaves. Do keep the details in mind the next time you visit an extensions store.

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