4 Tips to Preparing Your Online Store For Holiday Season – 2024 Guide

The rush of the holiday season has always been one of the biggest challenges for any retail business. If you’re looking to get ahead of the competition, here are some helpful strategies that even experienced companies like Red Stag Fulfillment are using to help them prepare for the holidays.

The holiday season is just around the corner. Many sellers would be preparing for it in full swing. The National Retail Federation reports a growth of 40% in the search traffic before Halloween, and this trend is not going to vanish until Christmas. Hence, you must make the most of this holiday season by prepping up your eStore to get maximum sales. For any online business, the holiday season, which is the last quarter of the year is essential.

Well, making the most of it is a tough challenge. You need to manage marketing, shipment, logistics, and customer service. So, if you haven’t started prepping your eStore, now is the time to do it.

Here are four things you must do to make the most of this holiday season.

1. Improve your eStore’s user experience


Shoppers these days drool over the shopping experience more than anything else. With great deals, they also want an incredible shopping experience. This holiday season offers your customers a seamless and user-centric shopping experience.

2. Create a promotional calendar

A wise man once said,” Stitch in time saves nine.”Well, to cater to so much to the inflow of customers, you must plan your things well beforehand to ensure you’re successful in your campaigns.

Map out a promotional calendar by keeping in mind your shopper’s age, demography, and the kind of content they’ll prefer. You must also keep in mind the date and time of publishing banners and graphics.

3. Promotional discounts


Promotional discounts, giveaways are a great way to engage people in your eCommerce store and boost sales. You must also prepare yourself for handling gift cards and that there shouldn’t be any hassle for your customers in availing the discount. You can also offer free shipping and one or two-day delivery option. 47% of people will usually back out if you don’t offer free shipping. Hence you must get your logistics right to meet the demands of the customers.

Along with that, integrate your eStore to all the major social media platforms. Create promotional content exclusively for these platforms. Tactics, like contests and discounts to your customers, can do wonders for you. For example, you can give a specific discount on a particular category. You can also club products of two different categories and offer a bundle discount.

The more traction you can gain through social media, the more traffic you’ll be driving to your website, and hence the more you’ll convert.

4. Prep up your fulfillment and logistics


People who order things online can’t wait for a longer time. They want their stuff to get delivered as soon as possible. You need to work double on your fulfillment operations during the peak holiday season. Hence, it is crucial to stock up your products now so that you don’t fall in a soup later.

Along with that, you need to reinforce your inventory. Usually, last year’s predictions help prep up for inventory operations. Getting an order is primary. Fulfilling the order is what it takes to be a successful seller. For additional support with this, you can check Aero Fulfillment.

Get ready for a bang for the 2019 holiday season

The 2019 holiday season is coming up. Gear up to make your big. Market aggressively, sell your products at a reasonable rate and keep your customers happy. Analyze last year’s selling trends, identify any possible mistakes or loopholes, work on them this year and get going. You can also refer to knowledge-sharing community platforms such as Quora and GoodFirms Community to see how other eCommerce sellers like you are preparing for this year’s holiday season.

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