Tips on how to use shop fixtures to better your store

The type of shop fixtures you have in your store can impact your sales in a major way. The ones you use are a part of the image of your shop and brand. They can form your client’s perceptions for you. Let us share with you a few tips on how to use shop fixtures to improve your store.

1 Use them to drive attention to specific items


When it comes to running a promotion or sale, using the right store fixture can help navigate the attention you seek. Of course, it should be located in the right place. A display, for example, can be placed anywhere within your working space. It is small and usually well lit. Banners could be attached to it to draw your clients.

Good lighting can have a massive impact on the shopping experience of your customers. You want it to be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum – not too bright, nor too dark. If you want to create more product awareness, use shelf-talkers. These will help you draw the customers’ attention to specific items and the chance of buying them instead of others increases.

2 Shop fixtures can be used for refreshing your store

If you are up to change the overall look of your store, adding new fixtures will do the job. You could check out some interesting options at Shop Fixtures Direct. It is good to freshen up your place both inside and outside once in a while.

By refreshing your store fixtures, you leave your customers with the impression that the place is brand new. In addition, place your merchandise on new displays and at different places in the store. This way you will create excitement in your clients and give them the opportunity to browse through products, they didn’t note before.

Don’t overdo it, though. Your place has to stay somehow familiar to your customers. Otherwise, they might become confused about where to find something. This wouldn’t be good.

3 Take your clients on a journey via your shop fixtures


Think about your customers as participants in a journey starting at the moment they walk into the store and ending with them leaving it. It is up to you how long will the journey be and if the clients will be happy at the endpoint.

Create a path using your store fixtures. This way the buyers will explore your shop and stay longer. Another benefit of this approach is that it will help you control the traffic. Most of us don’t like going to crowded places. The trick here is to add retail fixtures that will make the customer stop and browse the items.


There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing how will your shop look like. Depending on the kind of store and business you are operating, you can choose those that fit it best. Experiment and invest in a good look that will improve your business and attract new customers.


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