Landeshape Light Fixtures for any Exterior

Exteriors of any place require illumination at night times. Due to unavailability of daylight like light around night hours it is quite essential to have a lighting which aids with visibility as well as comfort of people in that area. Mostly commercial spaces require ambient lighting setup as they operate around night time while offices, factories, supermarkets, restaurants etc require lighting not just for operation hours but also for decorative reasons.

There are many different kinds of exterior light fixtures available for general lighting as well as ambient lighting for any kind of exterior around both residential or commercial spaces. The market prefers decorative and stylish outdoor light fixtures to complement their layouts hence there are several kinds of fixtures specifically crafted for this purpose, they are known as landscape lighting fixtures which you can check here.

Type of landscape lighting fixtures

There is a range of landscape fixtures available which are quite trendy and have evolved over the course of the years since they have been around.

Step lights

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Step lights are quite a popular landscape light fixture and are largely of use around entrances of homes, restaurants and offices. These light fixtures install in the steps and have a protective covering around the exterior surface of the light fixture. The installation is just like installing light fixtures in walls. They are highly customisable and most of them favour the use of LEDs as they are customisable and longer lasting.

In ground lights

In ground lights are probably the most feasible light fixtures as they add a very dramatic touch to any outdoor space with minimum effort. These lights are installable around porch, outdoor restaurants, driveways, lawns etc. they are Ingress protected and safety rated against many external environmental factors for effective use.


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Pathlights are a very significant addition to this category of light fixtures. As illuminating the walkways just add the missing layer of the entire layout. These are the most commonly used spaces around any exterior and are a necessity for several reasons such as visibility, safety and ambience. Most of the path lights have a cap or covering above the fixture which redirects light on the path and illuminates it. Despite their one application they are incorporable alongside stairways in case step lights are not useful.

Directional spot lights

Directional spotlights are for general lighting patterns as well as they come in handy when it comes to architectural or facade lighting. These are powerful lighting fixtures for use around building fronts as they illuminate important features of the building. They are equally useful in both residential or commercial spaces. Directional spotlights also illuminate other landscape features around the building like trees or any other plantation.

These spotlights are quite powerful and have an adjustable beam angle for enhanced focus. They come in various designs, finishes and mounting options which help with adequate positioning of the fixture

Deck lights

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Deck lights are particular in nature and largely installable in decks or bbq pits. Restaurants, and residential backyards or commercial spaces like malls, food streets etc are some spaces where deck lights are largely of use. These light fixtures add a very elegant touch to any deck space. These lights easily blend in the surroundings and create a very atmospheric view during parties or gatherings. Deck lights are also largely used around outdoor kitchens and can also serve as task lights.

Surface lights

Surface light fixtures as the name suggests are installable on any surface. This involves any surface in any geometric capacity. They can be used as downlights, in ground lights, external surface lights etc. these lights are also largely used to install light in tables, benches or any architectural piece present in the landscape layout.

Landscape lighting layout

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Although this is a vast range of light fixtures, there are several ways in which this can go wrong. For this reason it is essential to have a know how of these fixtures and how each fixture is suitable for any kind of layout. There are several issues one might face if the fixtures are not exactly up to the requirements of the layout.

These fixtures are all about adding beauty to the landscape while providing light which aids with visibility and security of the space. A good lighting layout dramatically enhances the curb appeal or general appeal of any property. It helps with:

● Determining the areas which require general lighting
● Determining the zones which require ambient lighting
● Determining the type of fixture suitable for any specific zone like steps, architecture, sitting area etc.
● Determining the total number of lights
● Determining the size of light fixtures
● Determining the lumen requirement of the area
● Determining the correlated colour temperature of the fixture for right ambience

These are a few parameters which one might look out for before purchasing any fixtures to make it worth the investment but it is highly recommended to hire any lighting architect or contractor to design a layout for your space. Effective planning saves from a lot of potential damage and helps you with acquiring best deals on most equipment. The risk factor associated with anything potentially going wrong with the fixtures or installation is replaceable.

Most light contractors recommend the use of IP rated and LED light fixtures and there are several reasons why despite the higher upfront costs. They reduce the maintenance and cost issues and are highly efficient as well as durable for use in outdoor spaces. The energy consumption is less and most fixtures support automatic controls which help with customizing the light according to any requirement.

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