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RMA for Magento 2 – Facilitate Complicated Tasks

Standard Magento possibilities, unfortunately, are not enough to ensure simple and enjoyable management of product returns. Meanwhile, it’s an important part of any online store. It’s vital to have a nice reputation and satisfy your customers. To ensure the best productivity and handle managing tasks like these, you can install a special extension that will help you a lot. The Return Merchandise Authorization module is a tool to control all the processes related to returns and exchanges.

With a simple, user-friendly interface, flexible settings, and decent features, you will have no complications dealing with returns. Customers will have their own interface where they can easily do what they need, meanwhile, you will be able to help them using your interface. Manage created requests, reply to customers, and enjoy the way your relationship becomes stronger. Thus, if you are ready to make yourself familiar with all the most exciting nuances of this extension, then let’s go.


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Just look at the benefits you can get from using this module. This is, probably, the best way to convince you that the solution we offer to you is one of the best ones on the market. Here is what you obtain:

  • The possibility for consumers to control all their return/exchange requests through email any time they want.
  • Guest entry for all users. This means that it’s not even necessary to log in to be able to participate in discussions regarding the made requests.
  • The possibility for shoppers to select how many items they are willing to return or exchange.
  • You can control the process of creating RMA requests and provide users with assistance whenever an issue occurs.
  • Adjustable messaging templates to reply to shoppers.
  • Custom fields in RMA requests.
  • Detailed RMA reports for better analytics.
  • Consumers can also ask for a refund.


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1. Tweak as you want

It’s always great to have the possibility to configure everything as you need, and so this add-on allows you to:

  • You can allow attaching files
  • Set the maximum size of attached files
  • Set the way RMA will be displayed in a grid. Here you can select the necessary columns that will correspond to all your tasks.

2. Workflow Rules

This is not just a set of options, it’s a possibility to customize every single process, ensuring the most comfortable conditions for both sides. This gives you the opportunity to configure the extension to fit your aims to achieve the best convenience.

Communication becomes super straightforward, too. Manage any conditions regarding new requests and new messages, assign statuses, and use templates for notifying about important events. This will make your job easier, while customers fall in love with your services

3. Notifications

Set special alerts via email to keep in touch with the most important changes in return and exchange processes and make communication effortless. The RMA extension allows you to send various notifications through email. Make your messages personalized with the help of variables. Additionally to standard variables, here you are provided with a package of new ones. In addition to this, it can interact with built-in functions. Use these opportunities to make communication clear and simple. Adjust templates as you wish to make them suit your online store.

4. Magento 2: RMA shipping labels

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Customers will like the idea of downloading a PDF file with all the necessary documents. This not only makes you more trustworthy but also simplifies communication between you and customers. There is nothing difficult in uploading shipping labels for different carriers using this module. Moreover, labels and shipping statuses can be managed by both you and your consumers.
Such functionality gives you extra peace of mind because you can control all uploadings, the allowed types of files to upload, and so on. Prevent fraud by setting up this feature and tracking down all deliveries. The great flexibility of the RMA module ensures accurate customization for any of your needs.

5. Offline support


Of course, shipping is closely connected with offline. This is where things go beyond the internet. Therefore, you have to take care of offline processes too. In case if orders are made not via your online store and can’t be recorded to your database, you need offline RMA.
Let customers handle this and don’t overload yourself and your team. It’s possible to create RMA for offline purchases on your own. However, if you don’t have a lot of offline sale points, you can prohibit posting such requests on your website.

6. Instant messaging

If customers don’t like formal conversations or they just want to get a quick reply regarding their requests, they can drop you a line through the RMA communication channel. This will help you stay tuned about everything that happens in terms of returns. Save the full messaging history to be able to come back to it later. If any controversial issue occurs, this may help you a lot.

As it was already mentioned, customers don’t have to be logged in to make an RMA request, which is pretty convenient for the majority of users because they usually don’t have accounts. If you want, you can disable this function.
RMA requests can also be integrated into the Help Desk.

7. Full management

Shoppers can choose the most suitable condition as well as accurately choose a reason to describe their situations. This facilitates management several times.

What concerns you, you are able to create your own unique Magento 2 RMA status that will also help understand what’s going on at the moment.

Think up different resolutions to suit everyone. The better way to solve a problem you have — the more loyal customers will be. Adjust the extension to fit your product characteristics and enjoy the most convenient user experience.

8. Immediate replies

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Set immediate responses to fully automate or semi-automate communication to optimize the RMA processes. There are plenty of typical cases that can be replied to with a template. To customize these templates to provide customers in need with the quickest response ever. This also reduces the load and gives users what they need within seconds. If a situation requires more input, you can always continue in the manual mode.

9. Custom Fields

You have no boundaries in creating new fields, which provides you with the flexibility you never had before. Add the most important fields to make it even more convenient to monitor what’s happening with requests. These fields can be used as storage for additional information. This may be useful in many situations.

10. API Support

The GraphQL feature allows you to easily manage the workflow. It deals with complicated-structured requests and RMA data in your store, allowing you to forget about such a headache. However, if you don’t want to figure out how this works, you can continue doing everything on your own using the rest of the features because it’s also simple. But if you have a large store with a great number of requests, GraphQI is necessary for you.

11. Detailed Reports

Analytics is always a key to improve your business and any aspect of it. RMA results also need to be analyzed in order to make communication better. What can you view from RMA reports? Well, you can get reports regarding products (offline and online), attributes, reasons, and status. You can also view statistics of reports for different parameters and export these reports in CSV or XML format. This may be pretty useful to store some important reports and be able to look at them over and over again.


Merchants must take all eCommerce nuances into consideration to become the best. Thus, if you don’t think about your return policy, you may lose a lot of clients. There is no way you won’t ever deal with returns and exchanges — nothing is perfect. Sometimes, we make mistakes or carriers make mistakes, which leads to various issues. And you have to be ready for them. Luckily for you, Magento 2 RMA extension frees you from tough solutions, providing you with the best features that will make the entire RMA process straightforward and painless. So if you don’t want to get stuck, install this extension created by Mirasvit and solve all your issues connected with RMA. Make customers love your store and prove you are the best on the market. With the help of such modules, this is not a complicated task at all. So what are you waiting for?

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