Are Electric Log Splitters any Good – 2024 Guide

A log splitter is a machine that we use to split different types of woods, so we can sort them into sections, known as round cuts. When we buy or lumber firewood, we can’t use it as it is naturally. Instead, we need to cut and split them using a chainsaw. There are a few types, but those who are used at home, can be electric, gas, or hydraulic, and most of them have some benefits, but also disadvantages at the same time. Electric splitters are also popular among professionals, and the everyday people who need them to heat the homes up in winter. If you use a lot of woods during cold months, you can consider buying a standing log splitter, so it would be easier when making the cuts. Hand splitters can be difficult to work with when you have a lot of woods and logs, but standing ones are better because you won’t need to “spend” your force on lifting the machine up.

Electric standing splitters come in a few sizes, depending on the needs of the user. You can learn more about them on Uniforest, but we will surely write more about all the potential benefits you will have when using this particular type.

One of the main benefits of this type of machine is that it, basically, works for you. You only need to place the woods in their place, and it will cut them for sorting. It’s much easier than manual splitting, and also, electric machines are more powerful, but still much quieter than the gas ones. So, that means you can operate calmly and smoothly, and you won’t need to check the levels of the oil, to ensure it works properly and there won’t be overheating. On the other hand, it’s eco-friendlier, because there is no gas release in the air and carbon monoxide buildup in the nearest environment.

Also, we can add that:


-It can be used in your backyard, on the porch, or even inside the house, in the basement, since it’s portable if on wheels

-It’s quieter than the other machines, so you won’t disturb and upset the neighbors

-The machine by itself is less expensive than the gas types, and you only pay for the electricity bills at the end of the month

-You will avoid the messy works that include changing the oil or refilling the fuel tank

-Machine servicing is more expensive for the gas splitters

Surely, there are some disadvantages, including:


-They are less powerful than the gas splitters, but at the same time more efficient, which is a nice compensation

-They can’t easily cut down bigger logs, and you may need an ax before the processing

-You need to always have a source of electricity

Hardwoods can cause some damages to the saw parts, which means it’s more appropriate for softwoods like pine, spruce, cedar, or larch.

-Since they are portable, their capacity can be lower, and you may need additional gear to split the logs up

-You will need to use a power generator if you want to use it remotely

Is the standing electric splitter worth the hype and money?


If you don’t work with hardwoods, and you don’t need to heat up large spaces, then the electric splitters are the best deal for you, according to the price and efficiency. They are also portable and can cut big blocks, as long as they aren’t very heavy. Keep in mind that electric and gas-powered log splitters are suitable for different profiles of users. But if you are one of those who have basic needs, and not a lot of space to store them, then the electric one is maybe the best choice for you.

Standing log splitters are a great choice for beginners, who moved to this way of heating the home, but also for those who spend a lot of time camping, or outside in general. The wheels help you to move the machine everywhere you want. If you enjoy your winter holidays while on the mountain, you will also be able to bring the splitter with you, to help you warm up the atmosphere. Also, they are great for your building projects, when you use logs to construct some building.

Professionals may need more advanced choices, with additional tools. You need to keep in mind that the splitters are an investment, and you can’t expect a cheap and low-quality machine to do the same job as the better ones. You need to meet their electric requirements too, which are usually listed in the list of features. Also, the electric supply and outlets may even be a bigger investment, but as we said, knowing about the job they can complete, and how efficient they are for home use, it’s completely worth it if you can afford to spend the money at the moment.

What can we say at the very end?

Choosing a splitter is a matter of need and preferences. Gas-powered splitters are covering a wider choice of woods for home. But if you split woods only a few times every year, and you don’t professionally work with different types of logs, then it’s better to buy a cheaper and electric one, which will be worth the money.

They can save you hours of hard and manual work, which is the best feature standing log splitters provide. Can you imagine how long it will take if you need to manually work with the splitter? That’s why the standing models that are powered with electricity are good for you. Keep in mind that you must be very careful while using it, or even ask someone more experienced to help you with it.

If you don’t do that properly, you can hurt yourself, and cause life-threatening wounds. Don’t do the whole thing alone. And don’t stand too close to the splitter while it’s working.

Once you are sure you took all the security measures, you can proceed with splitting the woods. You will end up having a nice pile, ready to be burned in your fireplace.

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