Choosing The Right Size For Your Pop Up Banner

You are already thinking about the style, design, font color, text, and all these kinds of factors while crafting the best banner for an upcoming event. Of course, it is a good call. However, you must know more about the size of your banner too. Most people get so involved in the design that they don’t pay attention to the size. Well, selecting the right size is truly important and can prove to be one game-changer. So, waste no time further, and let’s get right into with the best sizes possible for your upcoming pop-up banner ideas now.

The pull up standard banner sizes


A standard pop-up or pull-up banner graphic is likely to be around 800mm wide by 2000mm high. Well, this is not the permanent size and can be altered according to your will. When it comes to easy usability and portability, the banner’s size is ideal, mainly if you are moving between the events. During such instances, the sizes will make storage in short places and transportation pretty easy and ideal.

  • If you are going for the miniature version of pop-up banners as desktop ones, you can get them in A3 or A4 sizes. They are mostly laced on countertops or tables at retail environments or events.
  • Another interesting variation is the compact banner. This one is perfect for the floor spaces when you have limitations in them. These are mostly the space-saving ones, which are mostly 615mm wide and can be as tall as 2090 mm.
  • If you are interested in tall banners, you will probably try to décor busy event halls or any shopping center. They come in handy with extra tall graphics, which can be made visible from a far-off distance. You can get these banners at 3000mm high and 2000mm wide. Be prepared to spend some quite lucrative money for this piece of banner
  • Lastly, you have wide banners in town. These scans get up to 2000mm wide, and you will have plenty of graphic room if you want to get creative with artwork and your message. They are mainly known for their stunning backdrops, designed for shell scheme spaces. Moreover, you can use them as standalone displays or as your perfect photography backdrops.

For personal or business events


For any personal, outdoor, or even business events, the pop-up banner’s recommended size will be 3′ x 6′ or 4′ x 8′. If you opt for the larger sizes, you will have more space for your graphics and messages and can be seen from a distance. Just like the size of the banner, focus on the effective banner text. It needs to be a minimum of 3 inches tall, which is perfect for matching the larger-sized banners. Cover up the right size before you proceed further towards the next steps.

Other considerations while choosing the banner size

Complying with the above measures, you still see banners coming in various shapes, and it is important to decide the right size to make it productive for the exact purpose you have in hand. The actual size you need may depend on your plan as to how to use your sign and the space where you display the same. Let’s explore some important considerations to make in this regard. You can also get advice on your pop-up banner designs from Bannerbuzz.

Space at your display venue


You need to consider how large the venue is where you plan to display the banner. If you have ambient space, you can choose a large banner that can fit well into the area. However, in many cases, like a trade show or a business event, the allocated space may be too small, which may be dwarfed by the surroundings. So, your plan to hang a large one may not work out ideally as the space allocated is insufficient for the installation.

In such cases, you need to check with the event coordinators about the banner space to design it accordingly. Also, if your venue is too small, a large print one may look alien to space and will be almost impossible to fit in. On the other hand, small ones with stands may ideally fit well for such spaces, which are easily movable.

Participants of the event

You need to consider the event and nature of participants while planning the size and shape of your banner. For example, if it is a special event like a flea market or a trade show, you may have to compete with various vendors, and it is essential to have a banner that stands out in the crowd.

You may also be given some easy way to hand or install a banner effectively in the allocated space for proper display at these types of events. If you are among the many vendors at the event, you may be above to showcase your uniqueness with a well-planned smaller design itself.

What message do you convey?


If you are trying to share a complicated message with long sentences, it may not be easy for you to get across to the audience in a limited time. If you occupy all the given space on a banner with congested text and images, it will not evoke any admiration for you on the viewers. If you have a larger space and sure that the audience is paying attention to your banner only, you can think of more graphics and long text. Otherwise, you need to stick to a minimalistic one.

Small banners work well with a picture or graphic on your banner and a brief text to convey your message right to the point. A large one may overkill the purpose and provide enough space for a good visual experience in small spaces.

There are some of the basic but most important considerations to make while designing your banner and deciding the size of the same. Each type of business may have varying size requirements based on their products, services, and display needs. Once you come across the requirement of a banner, it is essential to spend time on proper groundwork and do essential planning to get the right-sized and properly designed for your brand promotions.

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