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How to Grill Meat Using an Electric Smoker in 2024 – Beginner’s Guide

Grilled meat can end up as tender and delicious or dry and burnt. If you don’t have the skills, it is always good to excuse yourself and let the veterans do it. However, the current lockdown gives you enough time to learn. Nobody was born knowing how to grill meat carefully and correctly. We all learn the ropes through practice and carefully following instructions. Some of us learned this through apprenticeship or by watching our parents or uncles do it. Today, I will guide you on how to grill using an electric smoker. Before we begin, know that you can cook using any other cooking oven or grill.

Choose the Right Grilling Tool

As noted, you don’t have to use a smoker. You can use any other tool of choice. I am choosing an electric smoker for several reasons. First, I want to have uniform cooking heat. Secondly, electricity is a relatively clean source of energy. I want my meat to grill uniformly. Unlike charcoal grills or ovens that often have erratic heat, an electric smoker gives you the exact opposite. You can check out options on the same at Most of the time, you want a smoker based on the amount of meat you want to grill. If you’re going to cook just a few pieces for a small family, you need a medium-sized smoker.

You may also need other tools that will help you with the handling. Ensure that you have a pair of tongs, a sharp knife, a spatula, a chopping board, and several brushes. You may also need a food thermometer and the right wood chips for your preferred meat. Meat is particularly sensitive. You have to ensure that it cooks properly. A thermometer is your safest bet. You cannot trust your eyes.

Get the Right Meat

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In case you have not noticed, the best meat to grill is the meat that has a moderate amount of fat. If you are grilling beef, you want the meat that has a healthy dose of fat in between the layers of meat. If the meat is without any amount of fat, it might burn instead of cooking nicely. If it is too fat, it can make your cooking difficult. Poultry, mutton, and pork can be grilled. You may use the same criteria for mutton poultry. Chicken is usually lean and will require less cooking time compared to others. It will also need special preparation to ensure that it does not burn or overcook.

Now that you have your tools and meat, you have to prepare the meat for cooking.

Prepare the Meat

A good griller will tell that it all boils down to preparation. If you have prepared your meat well, it will smoke smoothly. I don’t know if you have ever been into a baking class. Hint—mixing is everything. Getting the right mix can determine if a brownie will end up as sludge, or it will come out as a cake. In this one, you have the same approach.

Ensure you have the right ingredients. You will need usual elements such as vinegar, olive oil or spatula oil, garlic, sauce, salt, essential seasoning, and any other ingredient. Ensure that the meat is in sizable pieces. If the meat is too thin, it will easily burn. If it is too thick, it might not sufficiently absorb the ingredients. It might also not cook well. The sweet spot is 1.25 inches. You can trim excess fat from the meat to ensure the desired size and dimensions. You can grill the whole cow as long as you can cut it into the right size.

Mix the Ingredients

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You can add one ingredient at a time while mixing thoroughly. I prefer to mix the ingredients first before mixing them with my meat. The blend is much stronger when mixed first. You are in charge, and you can choose any approach you want. The trick is to ensure that the ingredients combine nicely, soak deeply, and at the right amount. You can mix a few pieces at a time to ensure full sensation for each piece.

Prepare the Electric Smoker

Essentially, the grill should be clean. You can clean it up to be sure. You should wipe it clean and dry before you can warm it. You can also rub with an oiled cloth. Preheat the grill until it feels hot. The smoker tends to cook slowly, leaving you with tenderly and delicious meat. Once it has been heated nicely, you can start grilling your meat. Place the meat on the grill, ensuring that each piece is independent.

Each type of meat requires different temperatures to cook. For example, poultry meat requires at least 2 hours of high temperatures at 275°F. Fish requires much less at maximum temperatures of 200°F. Once your oven is ready, you can apply the wood chips to give the meat the right flavor. Once you have started cooking, keep the smoker closed for the duration of the cooking. If you are preparing for longer, you can turn it in every hour. You can check out

Check for Doneness

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Once the two hours are done, you can insert a food thermometer to measure doneness. Different meats cook at different internal temperatures. Don’t be fooled to expect beef to have a higher done level than chicken or any other meat. Always refer to the guide on doneness. Well done beef has about 170°F while poultry served at the same level of doneness should be about 175°F. Sliced pork will be done at 180°F. So, do not try to guess it, rely on the advisory temperatures.

Remove and Serve

If the thermometer says, the meat is ready, do not be duped by the eye detective, go ahead and serve the meal to your family and friends. You can serve the meat with any other meal, fruits, or even drinks. You can cover the meat with an aluminum foil to retain its juiciness.

An electric smoker makes meat grilling safe and easy. You don’t need a tone of experience in grilling to use such a cooking tool. Always use the correct tools, especially when handling hot items. Meat from the oven can easily burn your fingers. Use a pair of tongs instead. If you can execute it as a guide, you will definitely enjoy your meat.

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