Optimize Your Store Lighting with Led Shop Lights

Optimal lighting is the first thing you might not want to overlook when arranging lights around the shop. It isn’t just for visibility, LED shop lights are the key to create an inviting experience for customers and to generate revenue for your brand.

LED shop lights have the industrial look, rather modern they have several benefits when it comes to optimizing your store lighting. (Here are some LED shop lights)



Linear shop lights are high-performing, durable light weight light fixtures for any shop. Quite a swift and efficient replacement for traditional fluorescent lights.


The housing structure and finishing are made up of die-cast aluminum which is resistant to many harmful elements and increases the endurance of the fixture for a longer period of time.


The lens is made up of glass or polycarbonate. It is scratch resistant, wide angled and efficient for uniform spread of lighting around the store, unlike fluorescent lights which disperse the light in surroundings in a way that half of the light is wasted in the surroundings before reaching the point of illumination. The beam angle is fixed and focused and no light is wasted in the surroundings.

Mounting options:


LED shop lights have a bracket assembly present at the back of the fixture which gives us two mounting options.

  • Surface mount LED shop lights

The clips at the back of the housing can clamp with hooks in the ceiling. This is an optimal option for shops with low ceiling designs.

  • Suspend mount LED shop lights

The same clamps support wires or chains to pass through the hooks in a way that they can suspend from the ceiling, optimal for shops with high ceiling design.

Advantages of LED shop lights

As per the design options, it is evident that these lights are quite efficient in terms of function and delivering the optimal light required for any shop. Here are a few ways in which LED shop lights are highly beneficial and help create the desirable lighting output.

1. Higher lumen output


LEDs have higher lumen output than their traditional counterparts, their brightness is measured in lumens which is evidently much brighter than that of fluorescent lamps previously used as shop lights.

For example, a 50 W LED light is brighter than a 50 W fluorescent light. This is beneficial as fewer light fixtures are required to properly illuminate a shop.

2. Directional Way of Lighting


LEDs have a directional way of lighting, they don’t disperse the light in surrounding but they have a focused plane of angle which spreads light uniformly to the area which requires illumination. In this way, no extra light is lost in the surroundings and energy is conserved.

3. Energy Efficient


As mentioned, LED shop lights are quite energy efficient. The LEDs operate on a diode emission mechanism which consumes less energy and produce extra bright light without producing any heat. Like most traditional lamps produce more heat than light and the end result is poor quality light.

4. Low Maintenance Cost


Moreover all these benefits add up when it comes to maintenance and replacement cost of LEDs. They seldom require any maintenance and a lamp only needs replacement once after it crosses its warranty period.

In the light of all these value-added benefits LED shop lights help optimize the custom layout of any shop without causing much strain on costs and eyes. In today’s world, lighting and optimal lighting which creates an inviting ambience is highly preferable for business of any kind.

They are not only good for general lighting but task lighting as well which just maximizes their delivery efficiency. Lightweight and easy to transport they make installation easier, safer and rid the business owners of any inconvenience for a considerable number of years once after installation.

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